Can we get an info/faq regarding the purge?

I run a private server and the purge works quite well. However, the lack of info makes it difficult to tailor the purge settings. Could we get an info page/faq for this?

For example, what exactly fills the purge meter? The tooltip says actions, but when a clan is offline, the meter still fills, so what passive activity is filling the meter?

Or, for example, what does the system consider when looking for a clan base to hit?

The more info the better IMO. Thanks!

I agree. I can, however, answer one question. There is a passive value for every tick the server does. It’s like 62.5 points every tick, per active player I think. So I suppose offline, that would make it tick just 62.5 points, or something.

Thanks for the info on that! See, wouldn’t that be handy info even in the tooltip? I do notice that even when offline there seems to be a faster fill for some clans than others. Makes me wonder if the passive tick is linked to base sizes, or number of stations, etc?

Ya, I have no idea either and would like further explanation as well. The only reason I know the tick rate is because it’s in the data table for the purge in the dev kit. There are other factors: when a player kills something that ticks up the bar, when a player crafts something that ticks up the bar, when a player builds something that ticks up the bar, (can’t remember the others, think that’s about it). More players and activity means faster bar fillage.

Also, here is the exact quote given in a freely downloadable guide for us modders with regards to how those points are figured out in the data table I referred to:

These activities are checked every [n] minutes (default 15) by the server. It doesn’t matter if
you have killed a single human or 500, the same amount of points are still given out.

The tick rate is something adjustable in the server settings (the last number, or 2nd to last number. My memory fails me and too lazy to login to check)

So number of actions within the tick rate dont matter, just that there’s been an action?

Ya, sounds like. So if you kill 1 dude, or 500 dudes, it counts the same within 1 tick rate. The tick rate being what the number you set it to. At 15, that means its every 15 minutes, 1, means it checks every 1 minute. But that’s also per player (I’m pretty sure), so somebody with a clan of 10 versus a clan of 1 will have a faster purge meter.

Whoa, and here I’ve been thinking the tick rate is just how often your meter updates your total actions. I may have to play with this some. Thanks!

You had the right idea, it just only tallies up your actions a single time within the one tick rate. And again, it’s measured in minutes.

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