Purge action values?


I’ve looked on the forums a bit, the purge 101 doc, and the wiki, and I’m haven’t found yet any info on purge action values… does anyone know or have a link to info? I understand how the purge works, tic rate, etc, but what specific actions fill the meter, and are some actions worth more than others. What is killing an NPC worth versus farming 10k stone, versus crafting 4k steelfire, etc.


Read this wiki page. It has the purge action values under one of the tabs.

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I don’t buy it at all. I have ran the new instance many times this week. Played everyday. Play on an official server. I have captured many thralls and killed the entire instance many times. I have crafted both new armors already… killed extra bosses and traveled all over the map many times… my bar hasn’t moved barely at all and if anything its shrinking. It refuses to go over half. The purge is not working. I used to get my bar over that line on a regular basis playing way less than I do now. Spare me the number of people on my server because it doesn’t even get to the line to put me into that lottery. Its broke. Simply plain awfully broke and it has been since the end of last year.

Yea, that was helpful… this is a “Players Helping Players” thread. Thanks for the unconstructive feedback. Might want to try that post under the bugs or suggestion forum.

Thanks for the link!!! I’ll have to play around with that. Cheers!

So looking at this quote:

" The amount of times an action is performed and the amount of players that perform it, is irrelevant. A clan that kills 1 NPC will receive the same score as a clan that kills 1000."

This on it’s face isn’t making a ton of sense to me. Do you have or know of a different interpretation? Seems like to me, the purge in theory is supposed to fill faster for more actions. Therefore a clan that kills 1000 npc’s versus a clan that kills 1 should receive more points.

I unfortunately don’t have a different interruption of it. It is odd wording and may be out of date. But the core mechanics are going to still apply.

What I will give you is my experience. It’s just an experience so take it at that, it will vary for other people.

In my experience killing NPC’s and Bosses is the fastest way to fill the meter. I usually do this a lot because I Thrall hunt and farm resources from what I slay.

Though I feel that my purge meter fills slower now then it did before the sunken city was introduced. Pre Sunken City I was able to fill the meter by myself in a week. Now it seems to take a week and a half to two weeks.

I don’t build much anymore because I already have 8 bases on this server. I do regularly have my thralls making reinforcements and then change them back to bars. I’m not sure this adds much to the purge meter but it’s something I do.

ok, thanks again!

It looks like it is saying that it is basically a checklist. “Kill an NPC” is one of the things you can check off, and after it is checked off, no additional completions will matter.

So if you kill your first NPC, it gets checked off, and you get say 1000 points. If you kill a second or third NPC, it is already checked off so you don’t get any additional points. Additionally, it isn’t one NPC per player, but it is one per clan, meaning if one person in the clan kills an NPC, it counts for everyone. No one else killing an NPC will get you another 1000 points.


That’s a good explanation of it. Never heard it broken down that way but it makes sense.

I have. Along with many others. I can’t prove the wiki numbers work at all. They don’t appear to work like that at all. The wiki is player driven. I don’t buy it’s how it works. Maybe it is a bug. A 7 month bug. I’ve read the numbers before. Studied it and used to get them all the time. They said they made changes and I believe they did as I’ve seen nothing but one freak show 6 wave all over the map purge directly after the change since. That was before the end of last year. People on my server still get it regularly. They aren’t on nearly as much as I am. The resting tick is a joke. I read this thread for help. It isn’t helpful. It’s told me nothing new or changed anything following it. If the one action math was true…how does anyone get to 42000 before it receeds again… which it will do in one day? I’m trying to figure this out also. To those who get them, no one seems to know for sure why. I’m negative for good reason if you see it that way.

The action values have been properly updated. I confident they are correct now because the person that updated them took the values directly from the most recent Devkit last night.



I’m with ya - and between the supposed ‘fixes’, there are times where they muck it up and you get passive gain on ur meter…

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Thanks again! I’m gonna operate under that assumption for now. I can play with it on my private server some to see if it works out. My main private server I host the purge works quite well. It’s just a matter of figuring what actions fill it, and the wiki at least gives me something to go on now.

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