Building Bugs, specifically on foundations

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [| Bug ]
Region: all

I don’t know if this has already been reported, but there are a couple building issues on the PS4 that could use attention, and I wouldn’t think they’d be too hard to correct, as they were not issues before one of the recent patches.

When placing square foundations, you are only able to place one every second or so. I used to be able to place them as fast as I could aim and hit the button. This is not a lag issue, as far as I can tell. It’s like the system is intentionally spacing the placement. This makes large builds much more time consuming than they used to be.

Also, I frequently am unable to place foundations on top of/beside others in a large build, but nothing is blocking them. This appears to be a collision or snapping bug, since you can destroy an adjacent foundation, place a new one in the same spot, and then you are free to place in the previously prohibited spot. Again, frustrating and time consuming when trying to build, not to mention a waste of resources.

Please let me know if these are being addressed soon. Thanks!

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Edit: Apparently, the delay only occurs when trying to place a foundation that directly connects to the last foundation placed. Hope this helps in narrowing this down.

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