Issues when placing foundations

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU - Official]

When placing foundations I get two different results in the same area, that seems like bugs.

  1. It seems like I can place a foundation, but I get the message “failed to place building”. Research suggests that this may be because I’m trying to place it in an area that I’m not supposed to i.e. too close to a thrall camp or in an important story area. This might be the issue here, but I’m not sure. This should be addressed so that it is possible to plan ahead. I’m suggesting that we get a message, before we try to place.

  2. I’m able to click on R1 and get the sound of placing the foundation, but no foundation is placed. I loose my entire stack of foundations in one click. This is more serious, as you can try to place a single t3 building and risk loosing an entire stack of it.

I have made a video of this, if it can help.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to place a single foundation on the mountain plateau close to the black hand npc camp, where you can find a treasure chest at the trunk of tree.
  2. Get one of two results as described above.

Hey @Svend

Thanks for your feedback. It seems that issue #2 happened while playing online in an official server, right? We’ve been experiencing issues during the past few days and we’re investigating it. This could be related to what you report.

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Thanks! Yes. I’m playing online on an official pvp server.

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We’re looking into this issue and trying to get it solved in the next few days. Please let us know if this problem persists after that (or while playing in a private server or offline).

My first base was near the floatsom and I had this issue as well, I just moved. I know not a fix but sometimes…

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It happens in the volcano as well on the southwest side not too far from the Well. I can build on one side of the lava but anything on the other just fails to place but it acts like its placing and the foundation disappears. This is online official PVE. It shows as a yellow marker that seems to allow placement (like a red one will indicate you can’t place) but it just never shows up and leaves inventory. I have been testing several points and continue to do so.

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