Foundations Disappearing When Placed

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Region: US

I keep placing foundation pieces and they just disappear instantly. No error message or anything. Also inside my house it says that this area is claimed, so I cannot place anything else inside it. I am on official server 3506 pve.


Hi @Red_84_Sonja, welcome to the forums!

Does this happen in any area and does it consume the building pieces you’re trying to place?

Do you have any other player’s buildings nearby?

Are or were you in a clan?

It happens sporadically and yes it consumes the items. I am in a clan with one other person.

There are some nearby, but it’s well out of our building area.

Are you able to record and share a short video of the issue in action, depicting the exact area where your base is built and its surroundings?

Well I’m trying but how do I post videos in a reply? It says I can’t post the link which is annoying.

You have to be on the forum for a few days before you can post pictures and videos. @Red_84_Sonja


You may upload the video to a hosting service of choice and share the link, if the forum blocks the link simply break it up with a space.

Bumping this to remind myself to upload a video. I found a spot where this happens consistently.

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This video shows trying to place the foundations and the materials being consumed without actually placing a foundation. This is on official. I know there are other spots but this is the only place I remember the exact location. If I find others I’ll post here.

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This happens to me regularly on PVE-C official PS4 server at the Mounds of the Dead. I’ve always assumed it was intended to prevent people from walling off the obelisk.

When trying to place a foundation in the water in the north east corner I will get an invalid placement message yet it consumes the mat anyways. And I keep doing it thinking thinking it will finally accept it, to no avail.

To be clear, this isn’t a land claim issue. Lord knows I have plenty of those issues as well, however the mat is not consumed when trying to place within the land claim.

I just assumed it’s an intended mechanic in that spot but I’m not bothered by it. I just wanted to guarantee access to the obelisk. I assume my neighbor has the same issue as well so it doesn’t seem he can close off that area and leave me without quick travel options.

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Thank you for sharing these details, we’ll forward them to the team.

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