Placed foundations not showing

Game mode: [Onliner]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

So im currently in the proccess of setting up a thrall wheel outside of New Asagarth…
Heres the deal; Every time i place a foundation, it dissapears. So far ive wasted about 80 of them, tried several locations…
On pve i have my base where im trying to place said Wheel, so a matter of location cant be the issue.
Another player on the pve server has his wheel just outside the walls of NA, so proximity cant be an issue imo.
Theres no message saying anything about it cant be placed, i simply hear the sound of it being placed, and poof, gone!

The server im trying to build at is official pvp.
The bugs just keep on coming huh…
Fun game! :expressionless:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have lots of foundations
  2. Place them outside New Asagarth
  3. Watch them vanish in thin air as they are placed
  4. Feel your irritation level go through the roof

I’ve also had this issue I just chalked it up to trying to build to close to a camp or in a non building space I’ve found no defined shapes for cut off on say a circle around na instead it’s like some funky shape undefined but yeah that’s what I think is happening

This was on the north side of NA. Weird thing is, there was no error msg or anything, the foundation would simply dissapear after placing, so i placed several, thinking it didnt place and after a while i turned off my music, then i heard they got placed down, but vanished.
Ohwell, its a big bugfest of a game anyway.

I started popping one down an if it doesn’t places check to see if my count went down only way I found not to waste my time or resources

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