Building Contest: Tiny Homes Edition (NOW CLOSED)

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Wat. I don’t think we’ve emailed anyone back about entries. We haven’t announced anything yet. If you emailed in at then your entry was successful. :b I have no clue which entry is yours but as long as you followed instructions, then you’re fine.
If they’re not a Funcom community manager (which they’re not), it’s likely not true.


My contest entry is


Yeah we received it and is included in the judging. :smiley:

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Just get ready for disappointment because I’m bribing the community managers with cupcake bouquets featuring $100 bill napkins. So…

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sorry to say that, but i did an achemist lair that smell lotus so… the price is mine ! They won’t be able to judge any other entry !
hysterical laugh

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Wait, was that the house that had the tragic fire?



Run back



It was a real shame. The fire brigade came to deal with it. But with all the lotus smoke, this happened:

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ah daaaaamn, mell brooks is all my childhood :smiley:

Gotta be one of the all time best movies. I like Blazing Saddles as well.

So did people start sharing screenshots of their creations?

Not just yet. I mean, you can if you want! But I’ll be opening a forum post here today that features the winners as well as where people can share their creations. :slight_smile:
Once the winners on today’s stream are announced I’ll have it up. I’ll link it here too!


today’s stream ? at witch time s’il vous plait ? :smiley:

5 PM. Do correct me if I’m wrong! Edit: I was wrong. It’s 5 PM. See below :slight_smile:

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It’ll be in just under an hour. :slight_smile: 2019-08-08T15:00:00Z
I hope that works? It should show your time zone.
You can watch it on Twitch here.


fk will still be at school T_T thx anyway !

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Live was not planned for tomorrow ?

Winners are posted!

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