Wowowowowowowow, okay okay. Wow. Let me just start out by saying we received over 400 entries. Not just any entries, AMAZING ENTRIES. Every single one of you should be proud of what you crafted and put together. You all made judging this the hardest thing we’ve done yet, which is a GREAT thing. We’re overjoyed by how many took part in this and put your heart into it.

So many of you even took the time to name your buildings and put stories and backrounds to them even though it wasn’t required! We loved reading them and shared many with employees across the office.

We judged each entry on creativity and originality. Please note that, as mentioned, many entries had backstories to them but they were not used in judging the entries. We will include them here though so others can read them too!

Now…without further ado…Let’s present the winners…



Congratulations to Barnes!!! The absolute creativity of this building is breathtaking and one of a kind. Titled, “The Ornament”, this building is a place you could feel at home studying the wild birds that visit from the treetops.
For their inspiration they noted, “I decided to break this tininess down into its rawest form: what is tinier than a Tree Ornament?”.
Definitely check out the rest of their screenshots here, including a comic they made about it!


In no particular order, here are the 9 runner ups that we fell in love with. It took quite a long time to bring it down to 9 different buildings.

Mama’s Moonshine

Sent in by Nova on the Synergy Community Server.

Lorna, daughter of Nelda shares the courageous story of her mother and brother escaping the Desert Men. They fled far south where they came upon a small cliff, hidden up high overlooking islands and a river. Only a year after escaping the Desert Men did Lorna’s brother Nygen grow weary and anxious for adventure. He soloed off in the middle of the night taking only a few supplies. For the months that followed Nelda would feed men, women and children hoping where ever her son was, someone would be feeding him. Cooking and brewing for hours under the bright moon light, she came up with a drink. This drink was used to help numb the pain of wounded strangers. Word of Nelda’s potent drink would soon bring strangers in the dozens and the more she was able to sell, the more she was able to feed. Nelda was soon known as Mama and her potent drink would soon be named Moonshine.

Jacuzzi Home

This adorable home sits right on that water where you can fish as well as take a relaxing bath in their jacuzzi! We implore you to look at the rest of their home here.

Unwelcome Home

This building seems both a place I’d hate to visit but would just for the experience! Take a look at their other screenshots here.

The home description from the creator: “It’s a small ‘unwelcome’ home placed in wolcanic district. It’s bright and warm all the time. Warning! Under any circumstances, do not exceed the iron thresholds of this house, they can burn you, like the owner of this place. Be aware! The floor is mobile and unstable, you can fall straight into fresh magma - it happens all the time…”

Treetop Villa For Two

An adorable villa with a view! Book your stay here well in advance as spots close quickly! If you’re thinking of vacationing here, take a look at the gallery.

Nordheimer Cottage

Submitted by Thal, this is the perfect place to come home to after a day of hunting or wood chopping. See here for more pics to warm your feet and hands.

Con-Tiki Bar

Submitted by Edna from the server “Hyboria Overwatch”. More photos here!

“The well-renowned Con-Tiki Bar is a down to earth and relaxed hangout spot. However, it welcomes only the most privileged Exiles due to its remote, tropical location which is only accessible by some sort of watercraft. While there have been attempts to reach the bar by swimming through the shark invested waters, none of these stamina-laden visitors has ever been reported reaching the jetty. Con-Tiki is not only a watering hole for the most affluent Exiles, but also the bartender’s home. In fact, you can still see the sleeping “enclosure” on the tiny beach where he was initially brought up. After years of hard work and impressing the regulars with his fancy cocktail creations, he now benefits from a more comfortable shelter – the soft carpet and spacious area behind the bar counter.”

Retreat on the Water

This gorgeous home submitted by Jacinto offers an upper level for meals in the sun and views of the waterfall, as well as a lower level for some quiet tea time.

Book Club Bungalow

This serene building is the perfect spot to discuss or read your favorite books. Submitted from Stephanie from the Synergy Community Server.

From the creator: “I tend to build for a purpose or functionality and this “Book Club Bungalow” will become a meeting spot for conversation and story telling in the future with it’s picturesque windows and silk pillow top seating.:slightly_smiling_face:

Open Aired Home

Submitted by Zanjil of Shem from the Asshuri Protectorate private server.
This home looks almost like one taken straight out of an architect’s sketchbook! This cleverly built house allows you to see the great outdoors with a view over the waters. See the rest of the home here!

As much as we want to, we won’t be able to post all 400+ entries we received but I beg those who entered to please post your entry here!!! Share them to the world as they deserve to be seen!
Thank you again to everyone for participating. We really hope you had fun doing this, as we did looking through them.
We will begin contacting you this week and the next about the prizes so keep eyes on your email!


Here was my little entry:


nice! congrats to the winners! here were my creations… my blackhand tavern


Well done to the winner, and good job to other, those showcase are freakin’ cool !

Congrats to winners. :slight_smile:

Here were mine:


and my second (but not entered… didn’t know if it would fit the rules)

from a footprint point of view it fit the contest… 4X4 with no more then 8 “extra” ceiling tiles…


A home for a Necromancer apprentice. :smiling_imp:


This was legit one of my favorites.


Here was my tiny achemist lair, seems like i didn’t put enouth lotus x)

Again, wb to everyone !!!
Edit : The necromancer house is real good oO



20190802090416_1 20190802090453_1 20190802090512_1


My entry, for Ascension RP-PvP

Its a small home and meadery of a former adventurer, who settled down, now making his living by brewing mead and ale, in his small cold cave he in the back of his house. He serves the local farmers after a long day of work on his porch and tells stories about the journeys he took when he was younger.

He also grows his own crops, and enjoys some quite mornings around his beehives, looking over the flowers.

The house was formerly on the server I talked about in the beginning, if you are curious to check our RP server out, come to our discord.


Thank you for the contest. It was a good challenge to build a decorative space within the constraints with creativity.
I hope that future contests can be clearer about the spirit of the restrictions.


Really awesome build. Very inspirational and justified winning entries. These competitions are fantastic and should be done more often where possible - ‘This Month’s Challenge’ kinda thing.

(and a curse on the winner as I am sure I am now going to have a ton of low hanging fruit builds in my server’s swungle…) :smiley:

Really like what you did to create the triangular windows!

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Have to agree with this…
Looking at the winner and a few runners up, from what was posted as restrictions, I would be certain, that some of them would be against the rules.
The winner uses no foundations and far more than 8 ceiling pieces. The jacuzzi home is partially 3 walls high. The treetop villa also uses more than 8 ceiling pieces. Con-Tiki Bar also is partially 3 walls high…

Would be better to get some more definitive rules next time, I already felt like I was cheating, cause I was adding a few of my 8 ceiling pieces overhanging on my build.

Still though, mad respect for the creativity and cool designs that went into this. Sadly not everyone can win ^^


I went with a very minimalistic style - a gazebo rather than a home. The idea was to provide a retreat for meditation and relaxation, which is why I didn’t want to clutter the “interior” with detail but aim for a consistent, simple but elegant look. Using only a 3x3 footprint plus the balcony (because the blighted mountain top was too narrow for a bigger building) limited me perhaps a little more than I had originally hoped, but I think it still came out quite pretty. (And I was too lazy to go find another, slightly wider mountain top or to gather resources to build the same concept, but bigger.)

EDIT: By the way, those stairs you see do run all the way to the bottom. They’re stupid long.

Looking at the winning entries it’s obvious to me that I simply wasn’t ambitious enough - those are all gorgeous. But I still like my own little hut, which is what’s important. As I said, all of us are winners here. Some just deserved an extra reward for being a little winnerer (surely that’s an adjective) than the rest.


My entry from Thrones of the Exiled (RP-PvP)


lol what a great idea x)

No, seriously. Everyone who feels proud of their own creation is a winner here. It’s that sense of accomplishment that comes from making something beautiful, not being the best, that makes me love these creative contests. (The same motivation keeps me entering miniature painting contests every year.) Besides, it’s much better to compete in this way than the “who can build a bigger wall around the other dude’s base” way going on on officials - that’s a contest where everyone ends up losing.


I really want to share my nordheimer meadery, but as a new user I can’t upload pictures or links :frowning:

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