Building Contest: Tiny Homes Edition (NOW CLOSED)

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EDIT: The contest is now closed! We’ll be spending today and tomorrow looking through each entry and picking a grand prize winner and 9 runner ups. It’s going to be TOUGH. The winners will be announce on Thursday during the stream. Afterwards, we’ll have a forum post up where we will have the, listed. Everyone will be welcome to post their home there too!

Welcome to another building contest! We are STILL absolutely blown away by the submissions we received for the last contest. The creativity and effort put into the buildings were beyond anything we imagined. If you somehow missed seeing the entries, we strongly suggest you look through the screenshots here. The winner and runner ups also had their screenshots placed in game!

Instead of recreating famous structures, we’re challenging your creativity once more to make the best home possible in a 4x4 foundation. Yup, that’s pretty tiny. Some of these homes hold a special charm to them though! This will be your basic foundation:

You can decorate it however you like and make it the best dream house you can! The Community Team will judge based on creativity and originality.

All screenshots must be submitted by August 5th, 2019. We will not accept any after this date. Winners will be announced on August 8th!

One DLC key of your choice. Please note that obviously low-effort entries will not be eligible.

Runner Up
We will select 9 runner ups that will receive a Season 2 Pass

Grand Prize Winner
This winner will receive the runner up award, as well as 6 months of paid server time for your existing server, or a new server you can create!

Now that we’ve got the gears in your heads turning, here are some clarifications on what you can and can’t build:

  • Only 16 foundation pieces are allowed and they must be placed in a square. You can use any type of material for the foundation, including DLC foundation pieces. You can also use more than 1 foundation types if you want! You can use LESS than 16 foundation pieces but you cannot add more. The rows and column can be no more than 4. Feel free to use any type of foundation piece (square/cornered/etc.).
  • Only one full floor is allowed that’s as tall as two walls plus added roof/ceiling pieces. You can place walls however you want and use how ever many you want.
  • You can build a split-level/loft using max of 8 ceiling tiles for non ceiling related use above the base foundation. Any other ceiling pieces are used for covering your home.
  • Please limit any outside building pieces such as ramps or non-decor items that are attached to your home and stretch outwards. We are judging tiny homes after all!
  • We’ll be mainly judging the interior of your home but feel free to decorate the outside as well.
  • NO MODS ALLOWED. This is to keep it even across all platforms.
  • You can use DLC.
  • You may use the admin tool to spawn items you need. So feel free to build on singleplayer or a private server if you want. You can of course also build on official servers if you choose.
  • Only one entry per email.
  • Please refrain from sending pictures taken from mobile phone.
  • No photoshop or edits outside of the game.

How to Enter

  • Please send us a screenshot (or more) of your tiny home to this email address: [email protected] to enter.
  • If you do not email us here, it will not be counted.
  • Make sure your subject line is “Building Contest”.
  • We will accept entries until August 5th. Entries submitted after this date will not be counted.
  • In the body of your email, please mention which platform (PS4/Xbox/PC) you built your home. If you built it on a private server, please mention the name of the server. If built on an official server, tell us the number.

We understand that the process can be easier on PC so here is some help on how to do it for console.


  1. Press the Share button on your PS4 controller for at least one second.

  2. This will open up the share menu. Here, press the triangle button to save the screenshot. If you want to discard the screenshot, press the circle button on the PlayStation 4 controller.

  3. Once you have your screenshot(s) captured, navigate over to the Capture Gallery, and find the Conan Exiles folder. Press the Option button on the PS4 controller and select Copy to USB Storage Device.

  4. Select the screenshots you want to transfer and copy them over. Once copied over you can easily attach them to an email on your computer.


  1. While playing a game double tap the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. Or if you’re one of the rare few with Kinect plugged into your Xbox One, you can say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.

  2. After saving the screenshot. Press the Xbox button to suspend the game.

  3. Go to the Upload app on your Xbox One and choose the screenshot you want to share from Manage Captures.

  4. Press the Menu button and choose Share.

  5. You can upload it to OneDrive, then email them from OneDrive. Or just download them to your computer from OneDrive, then email them to us.


So is that 4x4 as a max footprint or can we build outwards using ceilings… e.g.terrace? And in general any restrictions to ceiling pieces?

Correct, the foundation pieces must be built this way as a base. Building outwards is fine! As long as it’s still one floor. Don’t see a reason to have ceiling pieces restricted. I like the way you’re thinking! :smiley:

Can we not have fence foundations around the exterior of the 4x4? What about inside?

recommendation; count each pillar as a “foundation” thus to add a pillar for support the base must loose a foundation elsewhere…

also… are we allowed to send multiple bases? I have one already and an idea for another…

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if I make three constructions I send three emails?

Only one submission per person/email


Can we use less than 16 foundations? ie have a gap in the middle to incorporate the outside terrain like water?

The rules state

Only one full floor is allowed that’s as tall as two walls plus added roof/ceiling pieces

What about partial floors/lofts/split-level?

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yeah… if this isn’t allowed they are severly limiting designs… should have just given a max height the structure could be (like 4 foundations tall)… give a volume to do whatever you want in!

Unless the image is just demonstrative, pardon my ignorance, but is there a way we can place baby animals after catch’em ?

As a point of clarification, are we submitting screenshots of the interior or exterior of our tiny homes?

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is this aloud? Also can you build a porch, and is there a point to decorate the inside? Do we have to take pictures of the inside?


Dang. I’m busted already. :smiley:


This sounds really cool, I’m in!

Just to further on @zerog 's question about pillars.

We have the 4x4 size I assume if we stay within that wether it be with cornered foundations or a mix of both should be fine? But if we use pillars and lets say make a balcony that effectively makes the top floor a 6x6 with pillars to the ground (or not) is that allowed or MUST everything happen in the 4x4 dimensions?

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I think that the question comes down to:

  • Is it limited to a 4x4 space, square footage-wise?
  • Is it limited to a building with a 4x4 foundation base (16 total foundations, no more, no less)? Would taking out a foundation or two out of the middle or out of the corner be permitted?

Supplementary to both questions:

  • If extras beyond the 4x4 foundation base or square footage are permitted, what will be the limitations there?

Hmm, a contest just during holiday time, when I am away from my PC :cry:

The baby animal may be from the Emberlight mod.

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As it’s a ‘tiny homes’ competition, I would think going way beyond the intended 4x4 footprint with pillars should be rather obviously not in the spirit of the competition. So even if allowed by the rules-as-written it would fall far short of the stated goals and stand little chance of winning anything?


No mods allowed