Tower of the Elephant - the Playground

Topic related to the Building Contest: Tower of the Elephant, which was about build your own Tower of the Elephant in Conan Exiles.

Hey everyone, maybe you remember my participation in the competition Building Contest: Tiny Homes Edition (Unwelcome Home). Then I used singleplayer and admin panel, this time I had to raise the bar higher :smiling_imp: - I built the Tower of the Elephant on the official server, a new character, starting from scratch.

Because of the competition is related to the board game Conan the Cimmerian: Tower of the Elephant and because you can create dice in the game…

The Playground tower is a one-of-a-kind building that is not only home of fito, but also a board game inside the Conan Exiles on the official PVE server ( tower doesn’t exist anymore ).

What you need to play:

  • Dice created in-game or real dice within reach
  • Any 4-piece clothes (any: hat, gloves, t-shirt, pants or shoes)
  • Some food in the game (a well with water is in the Playground)
  • And above all good humor!

Note: Leave your horse in front of the tower (horses can ruin any game - out of jealousy!).


The game is divided into turns, each of them is divided into 3 elements:

  1. Roll the dice (more sides of the dice mean the easier the game is, preferred 6-sided dice)
  2. Movement (only forward, backward and sideways - never diagonally)
  3. Counting damage (your clothes will help with that!)
Rules in detail (click to expand)

The game starts in front of one (any) open door to the tower.

1. Dice roll description

  • Before you move, you must roll the dice, the rolled value means the number of spaces you move.
    Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.07.09 -

2. Movement description

3. Counting damage description

The End


Location: The tower doesn't exist anymore.

Location: [PC] PVE #1028 ( 4 - D )

Game Board

Two-dimensional interpretation of the Playground

In the following, I put the creation process and more screenshots. I count on comments. :heart_eyes:
That’s all, have fun :slight_smile:.

Note: Due to the purge, the tower can change the appearance, shape, size and location.


I loved Unwelcome Home - looking forward to seeing your take on the Tower.

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I just sent my application :smiley:, I can fill the topic now. At the very beginning I will show pictures from construction works.

Photos from work

In half of the work there was a Purge :aaaaaa: - there were no major losses :woozy_face:.

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:writing_hand: I updated the first post (described the rules of the game).

Now we can look inside. :candle: The floor is an Old-school Black and White board.

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Eventhough I am on PS4 and normally only play pvp, I have to say: I’d love to join. That’s some great work you did here. Not just the building itsself but also all the game rules and stuff. Well done!

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Thanks for comments @tobi04 @Pr0mythean :heart_eyes:
I’m glad someone likes it. Building this tower was a daily, many hours of work. I got tired of it so much that now I’m just watching gameplay of others. :woozy_face:

:round_pushpin:Soon I will add a map :world_map: with the location of the tower (I completely forgot about it).

I think I have good news for you @tobi04 , I will put a two-dimensional interpretation of my tower - it means a game board that can be copied / printed. So everyone will be able to play, regardless of the platform. :desktop_computer:

Of course, I will also upload more photos. :camera:

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I added a game board and a map with the location in the first post.

I also removed two photos for clarity.

Let’s look outside. :cloud:

If it seems to you that the tower is like a square box with spikes - this is how it was supposed to be. I wanted to make the tower look like a Conan the Cimmerian: Tower of the Elephant game. I added the spikes so that it is not too boring.

A small wall helped a lot with purge. Were it not for the fact that I was building on the official server, the wall would be closer and would be a little higher.

Here are some more photos from the outside.

And more secrets to my work. :mage:

When I finished this building I was at level 59. I’m still on it, but not for long. :wink: I really want to use Shards of Power, which I collected looking for a recipe with stuffing animals.

Under the tower is the biggest secret of this building. Small door hidden under the balcony. A long corridor leads to the place where all the magic of the game is hidden.

There is a 4x4 room where I put all the necessary production stations. :smiley: :partying_face:

I present to you my faithful horses that helped me transport materials for construction.
Meet Funny and Comet. :heart: :heart:

And last small hint, wherever there are Hide Rug, is a safe place, without enemies but also without regeneration.

To encourage you to play, I will present one of the games in the form of a comic.

According to the rules, you can only wear 4 pieces of clothing.
The red player decided to take off her shoes. The blue player showed everyone his chest.

Let the fight for the Tower of the Elephant begin!

Screenshots may contain nudity.

Link to the beginning of the comic.

This is the end.
I hope you liked it. :smile:

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Just had the pleasure of taking a tour there, great work. Never knew about this on this server. Thx for taking the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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