Building Contest: Tower of the Elephant (NOW ENDED)

thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile: !!

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Two hour long attack on the Tower clip it is! (:grin: kidding)

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I’m not making an entry, but I recently watched a video of a YouTuber building something for this contest. It was really creative, and I can’t wait to see what some of our final entries look like!

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Thanks for the replay Nichole. I was not sure if you wanted an exclusive with the build.


After watching few PC stream of it… I basically regret all work I put in on ps4 side.

I had a small town with tower in background… by time I got to getting tower in sky, I bluescreened… and wolves kept attacking one side, making all npcs-thralls rush out of there spots. XD

2 days left… need redo the town and get tower bigger… -_-’

Hoping we’d get free-camera by time next contest rolls around. Fixed camera on consoles really ruins it. =/

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I have already sent the application and created a topic on the forum. The best thing about it is that it looks like a tower, is tall, has full of stairs, but it is not such an ordinary tower :smirk:.

I wish everyone good luck in the competition!


Greetings :slight_smile:
i m a little bit confused because the end of the cometition. i have Berlin-time. means it that the end for my timezone is saturday morning 6 am? or i m wrong.

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Yup! Timezones suck, don’t they? :laughing:
The contest ends at midnight EDT Friday. So for you in Germany that would be 6am Saturday.


Thanks :slight_smile: i will beginn !!

would love to have done this but the ps4 constantly corrupts my sp save data. only here complaining now cause gportal broke my server. its hot im annoyed >8[


I forget to mention in email info I’m on Ps4. >_<
And…it was in Sp…and what shirt size…


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Send another email from the same address with that info?

I also forgot something (irrelevant) :sleeping:, I gave the official server number, but I did not give the location… in the email I have a link to the topic on Fanwork, so I will put a map there with the location. :woozy_face:

In the first post there is nothing about providing the location, only the server number. It’s weird. :crazy_face: Maybe the jurors like to look for locations themselves. :face_with_monocle:

Those Conan T shirts are boss. I love the upper right one.

No worries! You don’t need to put in location if you don’t want to. I only asked about private server name so that if it’s a winner I could mention the server name. Same with official, really. :slight_smile:

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It is done!

Took far too long, and too many poor decisions were made along the way, but I got enough story elements to make me feel a little proud of the result.

After trying get camera angle just right, i ended up breaking down my 1st and 2nd towers… made a slightly bigger/shorter one.

I had such pain trying to get certain pieces attaching… I had fun, All that mattered XD

Minus wolves that kept making npcs change spots. XD

I wonder what ideas about the Tower of the Elephant you all came up with? :thinking:

The subject of the competition was so open that each work could take a different form. So maybe it’s better to ask if there was a poem in the entries? :writing_hand:

There could be some prize for the strangest submission. At least symbolic one. :medal_military:

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Youre right ! The subject was so open that was the hardest thing at this Competition. So many ideas and so low of time.

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That was pretty much it, build your own as you imagine it

That’s the tricky part, presentation might have a bigger role than the tower itself, but we don’t know :eyes:
Good luck to everyone :^)