Elephant Parade - Boosted PS4 Server for Build Comp Entries

I missed out on the Tiny Homes building comp, so I’m super stoked about the Tower of the Elephant building contest.

I keep a private PS4 server running to use as a baseline for troubleshooting, testing ideas, (and for future secret plans), and will be building a (no doubt terrible) entry for the comp - there’s a whole lot of real estate on the map though, and I thought I’d offer it up and have some fun.

I’ve started getting in to the streaming malarkey, and will share the server password to any of my followers on Twitch looking to build an entry without the hassle of non-comp players messing with your build, or the limitations (and sheer loneliness) of building the tower in single Player mode.

I’ve taken building damage & the purge off, boosted harvesting & XP, and will spawn in materials for any stream followers who want to take a crack (including thralls, building pieces/materials, armour, weapons & decorations - anything you might need for that perfect tower build). Also happy to party up and kick around ideas, or look over your build and offer suggestions; I’m terrible at building, but I’m bloody good at criticising stuff.

Any followers towering up on the server with their own streaming channel will be added to my host list on Twitch for when I’m offline, &/or to my list of recommended channels on YouTube.

Once the comp is over settings will be retweaked and the fun begins; we wreak havoc on the towers; an Elephant Parade.

Follow me on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pr0mythean

Tower of the Elephant build comp details: Building Contest: Tower of the Elephant (NOW ENDED)

PW’s Kickstarter campaign: Conan the Cimmerian: The Tower of the Elephant by Perilous Worlds — Kickstarter

PS4 Server Name: Elephant Parade

Msg me on PSN: Pr0mythean