Tower of the Elephant contest: specifications?

I read the contest rules, but I’m unclear about whether the Tower of the Elephant has to look a certain way, or has to contain certain elements to be eligible. Can we build any tower we fancy, or are there some minimum requirements?

"We are challenging you to build your own Tower of the Elephant in Conan Exiles. In the story, Conan is greeted with lions, spiders, treasures, and more. The details and how you’d like to present them is up to you! You can also take inspiration from the comic books of the same story.

Once your tower is complete you can take screenshots, video, or create your own comic. Just make sure it’s from within the Conan Exiles game. You don’t need to only include the tower; you can also include other aspects such as the garden surrounding it.

Judging will be based on creativity; how will you construct the Tower of the Elephant? The panel of judges consist of Community Managers at Funcom, as well as the masterminds behind The Tower of the Elephant board game."

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