Building Contest: Tower of the Elephant (NOW ENDED)

I am only speculating here, but I would guess that the “[email protected]” address forwards to one or (hopefully) more address, and it would make sense that Erik Jens would have been one of those. Since he’s no longer with the company, that forward is getting bounced back to you. If that’s the case, however, I would expect anyone else that submitted would receive something similar.

I can’t locate this setting is it buried somewhere?

In singleplayer, this option appears only when creating a new game. After that you can change it only in file.

..\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ServerSettings.ini

Line 62:



Hrm I will check the email address. Thanks for letting me know!


The setting is available under custom when creating the solo game. Otherwise it must be changed in the .ini file under windows no edit - server settings.

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I sent my entry to [email protected] as instructed and got an automatic replay stating the person would be out of the office until the 27th, ten days after the winners are supposed to be announced (17th). Is this just a SNAFU or???

Update: Got an second email confirming my entry.

Pictures exceeded the 25mb limit allowed by Gmail, so Google created links to the pictures which are stored in the cloud. Is this an issue?

I want to create a topic (in the Fanworks section) in which I will show more photos and present more details :mag: of my Tower of the Elephant. :tokyo_tower::elephant:

  • Can I do it and when should I? Before announcing the winners or after?

  • This statement will be able to be sent electronically (document scan)?

I really like the Basic Rules, from the first to the last. :wink:

I can’t wait to see other players’ work :star_struck: and when I can share my own. :blush:


As long as I can access them, you’re free to send a link to them. :slight_smile: Sorry about the limit!

@fito You’re more than welcome to make a thread showing off your tower. We’ll be making a mega thread on the 17th to announce the winners and show off other towers, in which others are welcome to share theirs too of course.


Hi, in the discription for the contest i see that we can make a Little Video. Now my question : how much MB maximum , what Format and where to upload or send.
(sorry for that english… :wink: )
greetings Ceyvie


You can indeed make a video! Hm…size is a good question. Depending on the size I don’t know if you’ll be able to send it directly to me as an upload in an email. You’re more than welcome to upload it to YouTube or whatever video sharing website you prefer, as long as I can access it. You can then email us the link to [email protected]


thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile: !!

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Two hour long attack on the Tower clip it is! (:grin: kidding)

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I’m not making an entry, but I recently watched a video of a YouTuber building something for this contest. It was really creative, and I can’t wait to see what some of our final entries look like!

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Thanks for the replay Nichole. I was not sure if you wanted an exclusive with the build.


After watching few PC stream of it… I basically regret all work I put in on ps4 side.

I had a small town with tower in background… by time I got to getting tower in sky, I bluescreened… and wolves kept attacking one side, making all npcs-thralls rush out of there spots. XD

2 days left… need redo the town and get tower bigger… -_-’

Hoping we’d get free-camera by time next contest rolls around. Fixed camera on consoles really ruins it. =/

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I have already sent the application and created a topic on the forum. The best thing about it is that it looks like a tower, is tall, has full of stairs, but it is not such an ordinary tower :smirk:.

I wish everyone good luck in the competition!


Greetings :slight_smile:
i m a little bit confused because the end of the cometition. i have Berlin-time. means it that the end for my timezone is saturday morning 6 am? or i m wrong.

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Yup! Timezones suck, don’t they? :laughing:
The contest ends at midnight EDT Friday. So for you in Germany that would be 6am Saturday.


Thanks :slight_smile: i will beginn !!

would love to have done this but the ps4 constantly corrupts my sp save data. only here complaining now cause gportal broke my server. its hot im annoyed >8[