Building Contest Winners

WOW. I mean, we literally can’t say that enough. The amount of creativity and dedication put into these buildings is absolutely mind blowing and something we can’t even begin to understand. So much work was put into all of them. Some of them were even built on official servers! We can’t post each photo made by them, but we’ll post a link to the album if it was included by them.

We mentioned this as a surprise on stream, but everyone who participated and followed those rules of the contest will receive a Turan DLC. We will email you individually and contact you about what platform you’d like it on!

Here you can see the Grand Prize Winner along with the 9 runner ups. I’m sure pictures just don’t do them justice. Top photos are the reference and the bottom is the recreation.

Grand Prize Winner

Hungarian Parliament Building by "Sheriff"

Runner Ups

Hanging Gardens of Babylon:


Pembroke Castle:

"It is based on the birthplace of King Henry VII of England, the real-world castle at Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. After several days of scouting for scale and majesty, and a few test builds for the right color stone, I chose this outcropping near the Bridge of the Betrayer for the castle knoll, as is in the picture. This presented some difficulties due to the distance from the shore to the rocky promontory, so I used color, angles and depth to let the sidewalk of the dock walls descend into the beach.

Due to perspective and necessary foreshortening, the challenge was how to create the splendor of the large towers while allowing the rock to speak for itself. The happy medium was eventually found, and Pembroke Castle virtually painted itself onto the cliff. An anxious handful of troops stands ready at the port as the Lord sends out a counter-raid – ominous lightning appears at the tower where Sag’s light once glowed…"

Ra’s ship from Stargate:

We strongly recommend checking out the imgur album for more pictures as well as added trivia about the construction!

Sovngarde from Skyrim:

“Recreated from “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”, Sovngarde is the Nordic afterlife. The building itself is known as the “Hall of Valor” and I have painstakingly recreated it in Conan Exiles down to the last plate and cup on the tables.”
You can see the Skyrim pictures here:
And the Conan Exiles recreation pictures here:

The Colosseum in Rome

This is from our very own @SirBowen! You can see more photos and the the incredible detail here:
“If you looked closely, you might have discovered some details.
The audience grouped into faction related fan blocks to cheer on their possible fighter. Since such an event is always something special, the audience brought blankets, pillows, food and drinks.
After all, such events can last several hours. In the middle of the arena there are snake pits and as in every bullring also wooden gates where the gladiator can look for protection from lions and other predators.
There are also additional weapons for gladiator fights, in case a gladiator is disarmed.
The arena itself is “multifunctional”, since gladiator fights, animal fights, chariot races and even knight tournaments with mounted lances can be carried out there. But in the end, if the dead one didn’t come immediately, the king or queen decides with thumbs up or thumbs down whether the loser can be granted mercy. And so I hope that I, dear jury, will also get a thumbs up from you for this Colloseum.”

Big Ben

Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter

Created on PS4 by Scott.

Neuschwanstein Castle

"This is a build of Neuschwanstein Castle, found in southwest Bavaria,
Germany. I recreated the complete exterior and interior to the best of
my ability using vanilla Conan Exiles building pieces and a multitude of
reference imagery, as well as floor plans I acquired.

This was a challenging build to complete, particularly without being
able to use mods. Particularly difficult portions of this build include
having a ‘round’ tower continuing off of a square tower, as seen near
the front of this build, as well as the part of the main building that
is at an angle from the rest of the structure."
You can see the album with the incredible interior here:

Capital Hill - Washington DC

Made in Xbox by Dean

Some Other Entries!

Besides the grand prize winner and runner ups, here are a handful of other entries we received.

Castle Del Monte

Morandi Bridge

Built by Brancaleone clan
“The building we propose for the contest is our memorial Morandi bridge, built to commemorate the 43 victims of the collapse of the real Morandi Bridge in our city, Genova (Italy), the 14-8-2018.”

Chateau de Chenonceau

Matsumoto Castle in the city of Matsumoto

By Jeremy:

“Definitely acquiring the Yamatai DLC (And others) last week prompted me to choose such an amazing monument to reporduce. There were however a few limitations I encountered. One noticieably being that there are no inverted ramps to make up the interior corners where the ramps connect, so I had to utilize the closest matching roof top inverted pieces. The trapped walls from which they would drop rocks from I had to improvise. And the same with the tiny windows they would shoot arrows and guns from, by being a little creative and flipping around the window building pieces to represent that. And furthest right section of the castle is actually a Moon viewing room where I used the imperial fence and pillars but it doesn’t quite to it justice. From the placement of the foundation castle walls and arches of each tier I put great thought into. Especially just where in the lands of Hyboria should I build it.”

Castle Grayskull from the He-Man universe




Enterprise vs Borg

Bates house from the 1960s Hitchcock movie Psycho

Forum Iulium

“Forum and Temple’s shapes have been reproduced as accurately as possible in the game. The Forum and the Temple are reproduced in a 1:1 scale ratio, meaning that size and proportions are real. Aquilonian tiles have been used to make everything look as much close as possible to the Roman architectural style.”

Stormwind from World of Warcraft

Built by Crowangel on PS4.
“I have included several images as my design is not just one building but an entire city replica of World of Warcraft’s Stormwind City…”
Album with full photos here:

The Eyrie from Game of Thrones

The Temple of Artimis

Album with more pictures can be found here:


Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones

As displayed in the opening cinematic of each episode.

We received so many more so if you didn’t find your photo up here PLEASE reply to this thread with yours! Or if you do see yours up here, feel free to point which one it is out!


Apparently people weren’t able to comment because I didn’t put this in a subcategory. Whoops!! You should be able to reply now. :smiley:


some winners have hud on their screen…I hope it will eraserd on framed painting in game…

That is a fair point. The hud would look weird when framed. I bet most people will still be able to take new pictures if needed to find something that will look even better once shrunk down and framed for in-game.

I was the builder of Neuschwanstein Castle by the way. Great to see such amazing competition from everyone. I hope to see a lot of the other entries too!


our clan submited two , and Retro’s hanging gardens made it to the runners up.

the other one a pisa tower did not.

question are there plans to show all entries sent ? or only the runner up?


Fantastic builds everyone!

Hello everyone, I’m one of the two creators of the Forum Iulium, if you want to check it out you can come to Official Server #1038 PvE Conflict, C7 map location.
Yes, everything was done on a 1X Official Server, no mods, no admin mode.

Cheers and congratulation to all finalists! :clap:t3:


Thanks for opening up comments. I was the one that did Ra’s ship and I have to say I’m humbled to have made it in the top 10, especially seeing the stiff competition I was up against. Really amazing builds everyone did! Funny story: when I first told my friend I was doing this competition he jokingly asked how the Enterprise was coming along, assuming that’s what I’d be building. I was very excited to see someone else did it! I love the creative use of the altar beams as phaser fire.


the hanging gardens are on official server 1930 (PVE)

I have the grand winner, runner ups, and a handful of other entries we received. We got so many that I can’t put them all up in one post so I absolutely encourage people to add theirs to this thread if it’s not already up there. :slight_smile:

Hey all, Im the Lion’s Pride and Stormwind builder, great work on the other builds…
My build is visitable on PS4 PvE Server, EU #3062 Map grid J4
The Photo version was using coop mode however the listed details will bring you to the online version that has been built and being upgraded daily…
In fact the online version is now actually better than its admin mode assisted counterpart


An aerial view of your Stormwind might be cool, to get a better sense of scale and layout. It was a bit hard to match things up with real Stormwind with the limited photos included in your album.

Cool to see someone trying to recreate a whole city though. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys!
I’m the architech and main builder for Enterprise vs Borg. Definitely a group effort with a couple of my clan mates… Thanks for the postive comments! Love all the thought and work that went into these entries!! I can only imagine all the problem solving that was going on… I was even building in my dreams to fix a couple of my issues! Lol!
Kudos everyone, amazing builds!!!

Cheers guys!!! Hope we get to see some of the other builds…

If you want to check it out, we had made a facebook album with our build progression. Lots of perspective shots to help me with the build.


Most innovative build for sure! I could not believe someone did this! Absolutely amazing!

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I’m curious how you managed to get such angles on your Altars, that is pretty cool. Mind sharing any day-time pictures so we can get a better sense how you built the ships?

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Watching those builds, i cant imagine what fps they get xD

I almost hear my pc explode

Hi all,
I am Caponan and i build “The Temple of Artimis”. I thought one of the 7 acient wonders of the world would be a good match to showcase a Conan-Exiles build. The hardest part was fitting the wedge chapes to the normal foundation and the structual stability in a non-modded version of the game.
All what i see here are great builds and a great first place.

Great Contest. Hope we see more of those in the future.



Thanks and also lol… the photos submitted were just a handful of those taken originally, the full build includes northshire abby leading to goldshire, leading to the gates of stormwind and the trade district, I’ll be trying to add the gates of Ironforge on a cliffside near by, remaking the dark portal and tower of azora and have space left to possibly add a mage district once witchcraft and sorcery get added

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