What's your favorite (or the one you're most proud of!) screenshot of Conan Exiles? (encore!)

Greetings Exiles and welcome to our newest Question of the Week!

You’re going to notice straight away that this week’s format is slightly different than our previous ones. But we realized that, as the old saying goes, maybe a screenshot is worth more than a thousand polls! (don’t quote us on that). So for this week, we’re going to ask you to share your all-time favorite screenshot for Conan Exiles, or the one that makes you the proudest Exile this side of Sepermeru, with us.

It doesn’t have to be the most stunning picture nor the one that follows the Fibonacci spiral the closest. We’re talking about that exceptional picture that made you smile or created the fondest of memories after hours of surviving in the Exiled lands. It could be your very fist sandstone base by the river, or that time you first met who would later become your allies; or maybe, well, you took a screenshot that adhered to classical composition standards, and you’re just proud of it!

Everybody has that unique picture that brings joy and long sighs, and we’re here to ask you to let us know in the comments down below! Don’t be shy and show us your valued screenshot and any details you’d be willing to share with us!


My shelter is better :rofl:


I am proud of every screenshot I sent to the Building Contest :japanese_ogre: and I like all the pictures I’ve seen there :eyes:.


ceramic jar = exile toilet :laughing:

Edit for slightly clarity regarding my comment:

kobka has inspired me to create public washrooms in the exiled lands with crafter and artisan bench who makes papyrus for all your daily needs.


i had just bought frontier dlc and spent a long time farming


I always chuckle when I land on my screenshot of my first elephant in a tree! :stuck_out_tongue:


My tortage.


Loving the additional building possibilities of mods (Stygian building set of illspirit)


6 of February 2019…
Old Unnamed City!
most of the Online players gathered and hunted the whole Unnamed city! lvl 60s like me took no loot! since then we had many group runs! bosses , clearing all mammoths and sabers in eyelet, etc… just for the fun of it!
but yeah this was a great day! a day i left the game with a smile…
and the reason i believe the community is great!!! all ages, all nationalities , no matter the gear or the level , spend more than 1hr having fun , fighting and dying all together!!!


I was trying to convince a few guys to join the game, so I did a “Vacation in the Exiled Lands” photo series. This one was titled - “Interacting with the local wildlife.”


Wait a minute…speedice that is not a photo from the Exiled Lands! That is just a picture from Australia.


I have too many favorites, but this was a fun time today.

Taking a break in the Warmaker’s dungeon. Nothing compares to relaxing in a pool of blood before conquering!


I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of screenshots mainly because I am too busy having brutal fun in the game! But every now and again I have a personal moment of greatness according to my standards that I just have to share with someone. And this specific image was sent to a dear like-minded friend I actually met on these very forums :metal:

As soon as the ability to craft an army of undead arose I could not help but build my very first Necromancer castle. I cant wait to one day park my undead horse mount somewhere here…:wink::wink:



This is an impressive piece that successfully reproduced a Japanese shrine.



This was mine, do forgive the picture quality. Slaying the Undead Dragon. Although I am led to believe that he has been dialled down a lot now, when I first faced this guy well over a year ago, he was an absolute behemoth!! This guy was a nightmare to fight as a Singleplayer. One hit death if his flame breath hit me, and Thralls were MUCH weaker than they are nowadays. Although for the record, I didnt use one anyway. Crom and I both new that this glory should be mine alone. It took me well over 3 hours, and every time I died, I had to precision drop back down to The Arena floor from The Sinkhole above, where my Bedroll was. Worse still, I had not yet discovered just how much better Epic Armours were. So yep; I did it wearing regular (non DLC) Aquilonian Armour. But as I stood over my foes broken body and performed the “By Crom” emote, the feeling of victory was overwhelming. This image captures that glorious moment in time.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Some amazing contributions already! :heart_eyes:


Official Server, Purge with lens flare

No effects, this was a simple F12 capture. I am Tascowat in the chat. :hotsprings:


Early Access, Our first purge proof base.

Its been improved on since then

It survived every purge, and it lasted until the end.
The hill behind me here is where our current base sits, purge proof.
Same server too.