Question of the Week: Where is your favorite location to build and why?

Props to @drukuku for the gorgeous screenshot and building!

Finding that special place to call your homestead can take a lot of exploration and moving. But once you find it, you know you’ll be there forever. Whether that’s on top of a cliff, on the lake with a view, nestled within rock, or deep in the jungle, something keeps you from leaving (resources, views, RP purposes, etc).

We want to know where that is for you! If you have coordinates and/or pictures even better. :house_with_garden:


Black tower

Oh whait…

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East/NE Telith Island.

Its got this really nice flat spot of land, with very few enemies if any. Just mountains and trees, nice lake with island with flowers…

Lack of Obelisk kinda sucks, but I usually build elevator down cliffs to south. Plenty of resources around, and easy jog to north.

Whats funny…I take alot of screen caps on ps4… but rarely take pictures of my main home there…lol.

Also love building in tower to North.(east of Great Dam) But add NPC’s to area pretty much ruin it since they attack thralls everytime they respawn. -_-’


My heart :yellow_heart: is conquered by places where I feel sand between my toes :footprints: .

Places at the top of the world :mountain_snow: give me an advantage over everything that crawls :snake: below.

I am looking :mag: for places on the edge only dead gods :skull: know.

If I can be anywhere :compass:, can I see everything :eye: ? I hope so…

More from the Exiled Rose tower

Where I have nowhere to hide :see_no_evil:, I will surround myself with walls :bank:

... and I'm waiting for you to come.

:black_heart: :zzz: :skull_and_crossbones:


@Spynosaur_Nicole Aw, shucks. :blush:

Coincidentally, that location in the screenshot is one of my favorite spots in the southern edge of the map. Nice and relaxing spot, though a corrupted croc may occasionally spawn on the neighboring island and peninsula. Close proximity to black hand pirates and borders on the jungle, and a nice supply of iron and deathwhisper ruins/the arena are a quick swim across the river. Great for early-to-mid game needs.

Another spot I always liked was down under Priestking’s Retreat, where it connects up with the savannah. I haven’t been there as much lately though what with a sudden influx of spitting iguanas. It was always kind of an empty patch for enemies save the occasional wandering spider out of the cave.


I like to fill Deserters Gutter with 11,000 T3 foundations leaving just a 3X3X2 high secret room.

Well, the meta is changing, but for a very long time it was:
If you want the best things: Ironbreaker Ridge and The Frozen Slopes.
Obelisk, Super Purge, Starmetal, Sabertooth Puppies…

A boring answer, but north of Sepermeru. It’s close to an obelisk for easy transportation from my other bases, it has a wide open space with only a few easily defensible access points, it’s close to water, close to Shattered Springs, with a decent amount of iron, wood and stone nearby, within jogging distance of Unnamed City and its treasures - and most importantly, easy access to Sepermeru and its human resources.

That’s where I built my town, New Sanctuary:

It’s a utilitarian choice of location, sure - but this is the Exiled Lands, not a holiday resort (although I am still planning to turn the Shattered Srings into a mineral spa one day).


i always move north, between the heirs of the north and the forgotten tribe. This one is on top of one of those mountains


The crevice in the north! I love to use every square inch of those caves.



I have a thing with maprooms

I think you get the point :joy::joy::joy:
I love to build on the waterfalls of the north

But the most beloved place to me is in the jungle. I hate great constructions, I love to have my biome ready to farm

Every day I go for swimming and farm the depth of the lake. I love this sunrize


You guys all have such great homes :heart:
I have been away from Conan because of another game I have been looking forward to for a long time, but this thread alone makes me want to resume Conan. I am not even done my main house (or rather, set of houses) near newbie river, I started it at the beginning of March. So I cannot really say what my favorite place to build is just yet.


I always build a small settlement by the riverbed just SW of the Hand of the Maker. One of these days I’ll broaden my horizons.


There are too many great spots for a main base, but one spot I consistently build at is the Sinkhole obelisk where I always like to locate a fun little tavern named “Sin Hole”.

There’s just something about owning a central spot where other players can rendezvous to conduct trades, refresh from corruption or thirst, or even do some shopping (ala Pippi), that’s just very gratifying. I’m also happy to see that on my new server, lots of others have decided to setup shops of their own around my tavern. It’s made for the beginnings of a nice little village. :slight_smile:

Official #1502’s Sin Hole:

UNofficial #1502’s Sin Hole:


Woah, you people are really good at this. So many great creations!
And I’m here, sitting in my square house in the newby river.

I’m need to do something better for the next one. Still thinking about where to put it.


@Larathiel Erm…in one of your pictures, some guy is sodomizing an undead hyena. Omg, Sin Hole indeed. XD


My favourite place is and will be the island of Telith:

That was an arena :arrow_heading_up:

here is another place that I kinda like:
TeleportPlayer 298530.96875 84854.84375 -11555.472656

I would like a place like the Jhebbal Sag dungeon to build:


Yep, had the timing just right on that shot! :rofl:


Sin hole?.. hmmm… yeah that’s dirty.