Building health practically halved on official PVP servers

As in title all building health has been practically halved on official PVP servers due to recent change in harvesting rates. Harvesting rates were doubled a while ago for whatever reason and it was supposed to be reverted back to normal after a while, but as stated in latest dev stream Funcom decided to leave the harvestin 2X on official PVP servers and the lead designer was even considering to up the harvest to 3X in the future.
That’s all good and well for making the grind for materials to build and craft less of a grind, but it should also be noted that crafting exploding jars is also half of the grind what it used to be.
Building health on the other hand is exactly the same as it was when harvesting was normal 1X making it half the cost to break any building piece now. They are even nerfing drawbridges to having 75K health which with 2X harvesting rates equals 32,5K health compared to 200K what it was when harvesting was 1X.
Jars are too cheap compared to the building health. Either building health should be made higher on all pieces, or jars should be twice as expensive to craft to keep raiding costs as they were.
Even if recovering from raids is “easier” thanks to higher harvesting rates most people will just leave either the server or leave Conan Exiles completely after getting raided to foundation level.
And raiding someone to foundation level just by using bombs is quite cheap with these rates.

I know that on private servers rates are and have always been even higher than on officials, been there done that, but life cycle of private servers is much shorter, private servers come and go and the ones that stay get regular wipes, so it’s really not the same as officials.

This is a shame(if true), raids should be getting harder, especially with the nerf of building sizes allowed(official or unofficial i see it here all the time). To raid a base you should have either a good plan or be prepared for a fight… i get it not all people can raid a base effectivley under pressure, but it shouldnt be a walk in the park for people who know the game, and even under 2.8 numbers it is

Mostly due to the fact that walls and foundations are the only thing that stand any chance against you and your enemy if offline

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Life cycle on officials is a lot shorter now for a few reasons that we can all guess. 2x is good in my opinion. Why would anyone want to grind more on official severs when our existence is already fragile enough.

I’m not against 2X harvesting. I’m considered how it affects cost of raiding. It’s twice as cheap now to break a building piece than what it used to be.
My point is that either building health should be doubled or cost of jars should be doubled to counter the raise in harvesting rates.

You may want to look at the upcoming spells because there will be more unbalanced raiding with 3.0

With the current situation on officials i welcome the 3x harvest rate that @den suggested along with the higher exp.


When you see a Funcom ID like this join your server you know it’s only a matter of time until bases are either A) ghosted into and locked chests are looted or B) The inside of your base is wiped while the outside is left untouched


3x would be nice too. Anything to speed up the process. I’d like to see dbd enabled on official servers or at least a select few. It would be interesting to see how it would work out

Bases are too fragile on PvP for it to be a worthwhile venture to join a server that hasn’t had a fresh wipe, unless you’re playing with 3 or more very active friends. With consideration of the balance changes 3.0 will bring the bonuses to doors and gates do help, but it’s still not going to be enough to slow down people who will carve through 20-30 layered gates with either: jars with no physics or the gas/explosive arrows post-nerf.

With that said it’s difficult to suggest a specific, reasonable value for blocks. I feel like the balancing should go as follows: Orbs = T1 | Arrows & Jars = T2 | Avatars = T3. If you use a raiding tool on the inappropriate tier of block it has a diminished effect. Avatars are really underutilized due to how ineffective they can be for their time investment and all the avatars should be as equally effective(which they’re not today). Perhaps the path forward is to buff the construction pieces across all tiers and buff the avatars. Speaking as someone who enjoys raiding it feels far too easy to melt through bases that have even the thickest, most ridiculous amount of honeycombing… if the players are offline.

I already tried to send some videos showing this issue.

But this is the answer i get:

The worst thing is that this issue is happening even on private servers…
I don’t really know if FUNCOM cares about it. It’s very frustrating… especially because my whole clan got PERMAbanned for hacking without any of us actually hacking =
we didn’t even knew the existence of such thing at the time they banned us.

Ps: it’s not me on this video showing the hack, but i won’t show the video link for obvious reasons.


Oh wow, this is bad. They are literally playing ping pong with you.

I am still amazed about the response of Dana. You are writting you are not reporting a clan or player but a link to an hack and she anwers: select the report a player option to report a player or clan.

As if she didn´t even read what your wrote. big WOW!

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and look at zendesk response… They said me to create a topic showing the hack to everyone Oo

Back to the OP topic: If they doubled the cost of bombs (increasing the cost of raid materials in direct proportion to the harvest rate increate), would that solve the issue?

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