"Building here will block your spawnpoint"

“Building here will block your spawnpoint” is the message I get when I try to put up/down certain items. For instance, I can’t put up a wall sign. I had a Ymir alter up before patch. Shortly after yesterdays update, it disappeared. I can put down foundations in these areas fine, but the alter and wall sign no. This occurs everywhere within 50 meters from my bed. I have also noted that some candles and a few large chests have disappeared. They have disappeared at separate times. Decay is off and it’s a PVE server. Even though the current bug has it listed as PVP. But no one has come to destroy my item as far as I know.

I have the same problem, AshWeiss. Im building on the island, in the lake, to the west region of the northern lands, and in the middle of my castle it also says: “Building here will block your spawnpoint” Right now I got a keep which got big holes in it, which I can’t rebuild! In my instance there is a 8x8 square that is blocked for all buildings and decorations,

I am also on an island in the west. Just north of Sepermeru.