Building materials

A few additional shapes I’d like to see added:

Inverted Ramps - Where the underside is what is intended to be seen, for the undersides of buildings.
Alternatively, would also like to see ramp wedges (regular and inverted) and inverted ramp corners.

Roofs and ramps, for triangle ceiling/foundation corners (where 2 triangles or a triangle and square tile meet) Currently there is only the one, right angle, but triangle pieces use a different degree angle in their corners.

Triangle pieces - (both ceilings and foundation).
Isosceles right triangle - to fit between 2 square pieces.
narrow - to fit between an equilateral (current) and square tile .

Angled fence rails, that can be placed along the edges of ramps and stairs.

Fences without the wood beams protruding.

Additional building material:

Interior walls - walls that have the same texture on both sides

Marble - Very smooth, possibly with swirls of color, and may be chiseled to have decorative designs in them.

Building decoration:
Chiseled - similar in nature to warpaint, but with different aesthetics, and decay rates.

Edit: added ramps/roofs corners for triangle corners


I agree

I agree with all of these, that would be very helpful

Add ramps to the roof selections, including the same shapes
(or make a series of roofs with the ramp properties/textures)

Interior wall is A MUST! It looks so ugly when some outer wall surface is inside a room. And I’d love to have real railing on stairs which would prevent falling down - not just a decorative one.

Adding another here.
Wall caps/ends and corner seams - Finishing off ends of walls, and/or Corners, and seams (example, the jagged edges of walls causing gaps between them and foundations set beside them. Applying this would fill in those gaps, and create a border between the two blocks)

  • Wall ends
  • Inside Corner Seams (for square to square shaped blocks, triangle to triangle shaped blocks, and square to Triangle shaped blocks)
  • Outside Corner Seams (for square to square shaped blocks, triangle to triangle shaped blocks, and square to Triangle shaped blocks)
  • Floor Moulding
  • Ceiling moulding

and separate from this, but still applicable.
Stucko/spackle wall coating - different materials may provide different resistances to temperatures, and can give a visual appearance to decay. Adding dye during its crafting makes it different colors

Colored Brick/Stone/wood
using various dyes during crafting will cause the building pieces to become colored/tinted.

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