Building Near Obelisks

I know the rules for build near the obelisk has change and buildings will be removed if they are to close. What I would like to know is how close is to close? Is there and set distance or do I build and hope that I am far enough away from it. I have had two bases now just vanish for what I assume as being built to close to the obelisk so I would like to make sure that it does not happen again. They were on the same official server but different obelisks. One was the obelisk by Dagon’s eye the other was by the mounds of the dead.

That is an excellent question.
This one has yet to find any rhyme or reason to the perpetually encroaching building exclusion zones.
Best bet is to just walk around sweeping with a foundation or other building piece.


I don’t believe the rule is not to build close, the rule is not to block it and this is a totally different thing.
If however you play pvp and you place archers or thralls to attack to each spawn on obelisk this is a totally different thing. This will certainly be a reason for someone to report you so admins will have to deal with you.
So be more specific to what you seek here, yet building close to obelisks is allowed, not the rest.


Anyone that builds their base next to an obelisk is gambling precariously. Some are smart to check the decay rates.