Building Piece Selection Suggestion

Although you are now able to select which DLC you want to use with the filter system it still needs IMHO a few more tweaks.

#1 Would be extremely useful if you could favourite a building piece, a foundation type from any DLC or wall etc and have it appear at the top of the inventory crafting selection, this would make building with multiple DLC’s a lot less fiddly than it is at present.

Just highlight the piece you want, press X to favourite and X again to remove it from the selection.

#2 Have workbenches, chests / cupboards and the player inventory remember which DLC was last selected separately, each workbench type to be independent of each other, EG when using the artisan bench it does not show the selection from the blacksmith.
As I own all the DLC’s the filter system is much, much better than it was but I am still wasting a lot of time having to filter every timer I enter a different type of workbench.

Instead of having every single item visible in one menu, prehaps folders would be better. Yamati folder could have all the pieces pertaining to that dlc inside of it. Would make the menu cleaner, and smaller, and faster, and easier. You could even have a favorites folder to add specific, frequently crafted items, to a much smaller menu…meh

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Agreed… or maybe give xbox the ability to search like on pc

That’s exactly what we have now minus the folders, each DLC is listed separately when you click the right stick, putting it in a folder would yield the same result (yes I do play ARK SE as well).

A year or so ago ALL the DLC was in one long list, absolute nightmare to navigate back then, it is significantly better now aside from the fact that chests / cupboards, the players inventory and the workbenches keep track of the current selection, needs to have each type of workbench remember it’s own selection.

Being able to favourite a building piece or pieces and having it at the top of the player crafting list regardless of the current DLC selected would be a very small but much needed addition to the current setup.