Building pieces disapear

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Building pices disapear when i joined the server

I just joined server, and tons of building pieces disapeared for … what reason ?

Is this all in the event log from that time frame? It is hard to say why just based on these few lines alone. Was your base decayed/abandoned, was it hit by a meteor? Are you running mods?

Wasn’t on decay, wasn’t meteor, and no mod on the server. I just joined the server on the base i just builded yesterday, and some pieces disapeared at same frame.

Em, check the server logs for any clues. With the info provided here, I can’t really help or offer any explanation. Consider restoring from a backup.

Check the stability of the pieces the lost ones were connected to. EDIT: were any pillars providing support for any of these.

Server wasn’t back uped, and if, it wouldn’t appears in my event log, stability is good at all, roof top & fence were standing on hatch frame (80-40 stability) not a single hatch frame disapear, but building pieces standing on it disapeared (same for tiled sloped & other were standing on some hatch frame). they all disapeared on same side of my base, but not on other.


what do you mean ?

Server just restarted, and it happened again…

Since the update there is some bugs with stability. Some players have lost entire bases! (before decay).

Some others players have lost all inventory in bench on some servers.

This is not first time this bug happened to me, and it was before last patch, but before it was not a problem since it was like 3 fence, now it’s a lot of pieces so it’s a big problem.

now it’s like empty behind the tiled sloped pieces.

Was happening before Siptah, we lost 3 bases all at the same time, lost all our thralls at the same time logging in during the holiday extended decay period. Have given up playing on public server.

Decay is about 500hours on my server, since i builded my base yesterday i don’t think it’s about it.

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