Building pieces loosing stability or decaying

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug / Other ]
**Server type: PvE
Region: *[ Europa, Germany ]
Hardware: *[ Xbox series x ]

Bug Description: things in my base are decoying although im logging in quite often and things loosing stability for no reason.

i always had some little things decaying in my base, like cups or plates but very rarely. but in the last month it got more and more. things decaying although my whole base is connected and i logg in every few days.
and just yesterday a whole bunch of deco lost stability at the same time but at different places. plants on foundation which is still there, kitan light/lamp? on a roof outside and more cups/plates somewhere in my base, no idea where axactly. no idea why. didnt destroy any foundation and stuff, and since the destroyed building are far away from each other that wouldnt make sense anyway

at first i thought thats not too bad but now im really scared for my base when important stuff gets destroyed

Screenshots from Eventlog


Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share your clan’s name?
Also a screenshot of the map showing the location of your base?

If you prefer, you can reach out in private via direct message by tagging @community.

Thank you in advance.


the clans name is “Die Ungnädigen”

here is the map, blue marked is our (mostly my own) base

its pretty big and build over years. official server 2004

I’ve often wondered why folk build such large bases?

I can’t speak for OP but especially on PvE, there’s not much else to do other than building and grinding certain dungeons after you’ve explored the whole map.

It’s also pretty cool to see the creative ideas and combination of various building sets of different people across the map.

Although, if that blue line is correct on that screenshot, the base spanning over 3 grids is a bit excessive (imo) but then I don’t know how large their clan is. As a solo player I have never build bigger than half a grid but I tend to build and deconstruct every so often to test new ideas.

On topic: I’ve never had problems with things or placeables losing stability and disappearing at random. My laymen’s guess would be that if you build large (across multiple grids) the server might have problems with keeping stability across all grids potentially?

Out of curiosity, @Rastigan have you checked the log, does it say anything about the loss of stability? If yes, are these just in 1 grid or does this issue occur across all 3 grids?

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its not all one big building. main build is south of teliths lisland. connected with a few fitting buildings. i have a long bridge down to the sinkhole obelisk because i dont have an obelisk near my base. and this year i decided to build a big building at sinkhole. the base is just stretched out pretty far and getting bigger.

and over the years i just build new stuff, adding buildings somewhere connected to my base. like kaldenur said, in pvE you dont have that much to do and i just love building, especially in games like conan. and i dont deconstruct my building, i just add something else. its just what i like to do to relax

like i said and posted in the screenshots (yes i know, its german xD) some things just decayed although i was online, some lost stability, but without foundations or ceiling getting destroyed, just plates, lights and stuff loosing stability. not sure where exactly everything was, but defenitely not in one place only.

aaand another 3 prieces decayed… its getting more and more… pls help. right now im just hoping that its not foundations and ceilings next

again 3 pieces decayed

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