Building sections mysteriously losing stability after a server update

I am on the King’s Crossing private online server. We run a stock server but with no building decay. The server is PVE. I am encountering a problem where, after a server update, some building sections, most notably columns, that were at 100 percent stability are now at a much lower level of stability or even now missing altogether. This appears to occur randomly. It is not always the same building structures that are affected. This is occurring rather frequently and most likely will eventually result in the overall collapse of my buildings unless it can be fixed. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem? Is this a known issue? I tried doing a look through the forum topics to see if this was previously mentioned but didn’t find anything that quite matched this problem.

There is a known issue with column support, yes. And as you say, it’s fairly random. Though it tends to be consistent in the areas affected. Some community suggestions have been to try:

  1. Rebuilding sections of the area

  2. Switch to foundation support for now

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