Hello everyone. Thank you for checking out this topic.
I think Conan Exiles is a great game, and spent a lot of time enjoying it, learning and observing.
I want to talk about OVERBUILDING today. IMO, I think it is a very serious problem in this game.
Solo players, alpha clans, small groups they keep building and building, claiming and claiming, spamming hundreds of vaults. And as more they amass their fortune, they keep building…
In my opinion the game needs an upkeep system against THIS. Something like spending resources for keeping it intact. no resources for upkeep? your buildings will decay super fast. The more you build, more resources and building mats you will need for upkeep. What do you think about this? Thanks for reading


We had something similar with feeding thralls and pets but yeah… people stary crying because too much work

not happening
because in the long run… the small ones pay the bill while the big ones can afford it.

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Well when you think about it, small clan or players with less time to play than those huge clan struggle already to build toward the bigger one adding a tax on them would just hinder them even more while larger ones would probably just adapt to it, or just log a bit more often to keep stuff from decaying since they probably are online quite often already.

We have six builds now. We have built eight bases, and destroyed two. Know why we have six builds? Because the three of us have been in the game a while, and we needed bases to raid different areas. We are on a PvE server, and thrall hunting is what we do.

Of course, three of those six are nothing more than glorified outposts, with very little in the way of equipment. They are there simply to give us some place to haul captured thralls, drop off item pickups, or repair weapons and armor.

One is a literal hole in the wall with a wheel. It did have more work stations, but I built a rather large fortress nearby, so this is nothing but a place to drag thralls.

We have no plans to build anymore, simply because we don’t need anything anywhere. Also, defending against the purge attacks gets complicated with so many bases.

I agree with you, overbuilding IS a problem in this game, specially in PvE servers, its just too easy build and maintain things! Some people build more than they actually should, claim more area than they need, pack the bases with more thralls than its reasonable and in the worst cases, grief the whole map with blockades and killing spawns on purpose All this stress the server, causes lag and its actually pointless/harmful in many cases.

Its a survival game, not SimCity. Ive posted this before, Purges should be much more complex than they are, clans and players should have a “threat” level, based in the amount of thralls, bases, claimed area they have. The higher is this threat the faster their Purge bar should get and more intense should the attacks be, the game wont restrict progression, but would ensure the player/clan actually have to work hard to keep their stuff, if they choose to build massive cities all over the map like its common to see these days.

Players like myself that have more than 5 bases on PVE is because we do thrall hunting you can’t expect us to drag a thrall across the map that would be very inconvenient plus it also means we are the most active players on the game … why punish those that have played this game the longest (myself since EA) and are the most active?

I agree that their there needs to be "you need to play " mechanic on officials. What I mean by this is on officials–the free server for all who own game should be able to play on–there needs to be some mechanic to keep the servers revolving with new players and new builds. Having an upkeep mechanic for base decay, what ever it would be, would force people to actually play the game more frequently, and not just refresh the excess bases built during the dry period of dead officials. People act as if officials are there private servers, and want to keep their build there forever, even if they have moved on to other games, and only log in to refresh. That is what private servers are for. Official should be an active community. Finding a balance to not over-working the constant players and punishing refresh only players is the hard part.

Dude there are 1k official servers I have looked many are empty meaning NO PLAYERS so plenty of land for many players to grab so not sure what’s the problem here

Yes overbuilding is annoying on the server i play they covered the entire lava with foundation lots of obsidian spawn got blocked

5 proxy bases for Thralls is fine. I am talking about more disturbing scale of overclaming. Like I play on the server 1932 and there is a clan Explosion is Art, they claimed whole sectors with D,E , F 7 - 8 around Murelia’s Hope Oasis. They claim with foundations and Vaults upon them. There are literally thousands of Vaults, and he keeps expanding. Are they playing the game ? No, they are clearly griefing. I can provide screenshots, if needed.

Ok I can agree with you there I’m the 2nd oldest (meaning longest) player on my server I’ve seen players come and go all player needs is 1 or 2 main bases (large) and about 6 outpost bases (small) to capture thralls … a new clan moved in with about 6-8 members they are a respectful clan and are careful on how they build there bases trying not there best not to cause resources not to respawn so I’m cool with that but every single base they have built are very large … they built so many that they couldn’t keep up with the decay timer on them and lost a few of them lol but I have my bases already established and don’t plan on building anymore so it doesn’t bother me but I haven’t seen what your describing we have a good server good people so far

Again, i would like a balance of upkeep that rewards actual players, and punishes refreshers. I just on’t know what that is. How is that a bad thing to want for the game?

I play on PS4, and yes some servers were empty (ps plus free has filled most of the PVP on officilas). All i am saying is, there is no reason one should be able to claim large swats of land if they play 5-15 minutes every 2 weeks. I am fine with building it. but over time, the servers would benefit greatly if all the key build areas weren’t refresh bases only, or spammed altars and vaults for claim radius. Running by refreshed massive bases causes major lag. Especially those filled with 100’s of animals. Now I know on PVP, we could hit those bases. 1st off, that would mean my already tight playing window due to real life is done to clean up the server instead of enjoy the other things i would want to do. 2nd, we are a small clan that have RL jobs and fit in as much play time as possible, and our resources are meant to defend/attack actual players on the server (whom even though we are at war with, i respect for actually playing). And with the event log now naming people, we don’t want to start a second front with a clan who farmed dead servers for 1000’s of bombs that are never going to decay to come hit us.

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