Official server - Landclaim (timerreseters)

More like question about some type of players who build megabuilds on offficials but not playing

Like aint that counts as landclaim or something in rules?

U see, i played only in officials, and i dont know, okay there is some wallers that walls players out, that is against rules, but what about players that builds megabuildings all around map and then stop to play, like 160 hour decay timer is almost to 0 but then one come and resets timer for another 160 hours and never plays, basically joins resets and leave,…

why that type of homes aint against rules or they already are? because well if player plays then ok, but those 1000+ cubes in megabuilding is causing lags and just occupy space for others and so servers are dyimg without players, like what point to start play if u cant find home because some players - dont play but build and resets timers… i understand summer and so things, but there is like 4 months in row… never play but take more space and resets timers

i mean aint that against rules somehow?

A bit edit line

: i readed rules, there actually are rule like that ‘‘if u aint active leave clan’’ and next - there is decay timers for reason so its not normal to join just to reset timers in PVE official… but what can be done then?


This is a problem on all official servers i been on yes. Would love to see something done to adress it.


Agreed! I actually don’t mind big builds or lots of thralls, but when it starts effecting server performance it is too much. Also, having a base at every point of interest is really off putting to new players. It is nice to see small builds with a maproom but the big bases at every turn really seem to make players not want to play in the server.

I would hope funcom is working on some type of solution to this issue. Like I said, I like big builds and thralls don’t bother me but there should be some kind of limit to the creativity on Officials so that it does not hinder other players creativity. Also, I have spoken to and made friends with lots of big builders, I don’t think most of them even mean to hinder anyone else, they are simply playing the game and having a restriction would be beneficial for both sides, the big builders and the other players on the server.

It would also be beneficial on PVP… just scout some servers and you will see why lol. :wink:

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I personally build small, and I won’t be using the new large benches eventhough they look great.

I don’t have an issue with large builds (as long as nothing is blocked, including roads) or issues with people resetting their time. I sometimes can’t play for long stretches so, I reset as well.

One thing is that people eventually stop playing, one of my neighbors decayed a large base, it did nothing for the lag in the area so, it could be something else as well causing the issue.

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Well let them build i mean, but its stupid to finish building and then NEVER play anymore, like some builds are cool, even they are big… but its start to ruin game for others yes… because its not okay that someone builds exuse me 5 bases all around whole island and then 4 months straight, u never see them to play anymore but only like 1 minute when decay hits about 1 hour at end…

AT pvp u can destroy those bases but PVE its maybe some are helping to players like bridges and so but megabuild that loads so long that game freeze almost each rendering time is too much… i mean there should be something like how much time u need to be online i dont know, like

160 decay timer, - ok its summer or so but they basically not even playing just build mega and never plays anymore just log in 1 min to reset timer and u wont see anyone again… and this is one of reasons why servers are empty because everyone plays on different servers - private, exile lands, siptah, official, but on pve this causing issues …

One or 10 large bases is ok yes, but when there is too much things on server and nobody plays , it firstly takes place only and that lag is second thing… imagine one grid of map full with foundation blocks (base ) near some point of interest where nobody of owners plays but come to reset timers only - and i think even already got some hatefull messages because every single of players like that has private profiles mostly on steam :smiley: i said - its nothing for them to play and build, but why take example 5 grids off map and then never return??

No, it’s not against the rules. And no, it shouldn’t be against the rules. It’s a serious problem, but not one that can or should be solved using the official server terms of conduct.

I assume you’re referring to this:

This has nothing to do with refreshing and decay. It’s inside the “clan and personal responsibility” section and it’s not a rule in itself. It’s an explanation of why you’re included in disciplinary measures that are handed out to the whole clan, even if you’re not being active in that clan. And it’s also an advice for those who want to avoid that particular problem.

We need a new gameplay mechanic to help with this. Dennis has confirmed, during his AMA, that this is “on their radar” and “definitely not off the table”.

I think it would be best if they implemented some kind of an upkeep system, something that has been periodically suggested on the forums. The latest discussion (that I’ve seen) on an upkeep system can be found here:

Feel free to contribute there, it’s stalled a bit :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with an upkeep system, but a player reward for building small I can back.

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Well but this makes idea about that next update with server tranfer, i mean it will be like one database to all officials , then just should make something like

~~ IF funcom ID is on more than one server this player cant BUILD in any other server than only one, he is able to build ONLY if his base in first server is decayed or gone… ( because thing what i am up to is because players build idiotical BIG bases in officials and then never play, but only come to reset, and bases are occupying space )

Its like one guy build on one server, and then goes to play to another or private, but joins back to first server just to reset his megathings that is landclaiming

Just need make something that prevents build in more than 1 seerver at time… this should fix problem atleast not if 100% but on 50% because then they either not play at all or just sits in one server and if leave will be forced to destroy every building of themselfs…

That’s not how server transfer will work. Server transfer will allow you to move not only between official servers, but private servers too. And even if it didn’t, they would be crazy to make one database for all officials. That would introduce a performance bottleneck and/or unnecessary points of failure.

You do realize that players don’t have to use server transfer, right? They can go start a new character from scratch and it will have the same Funcom ID. So, according to your idea, which server should they be allowed to play on? Only the one where they created their newest character? What if they don’t like that server and want to go back?

No, no, hell no. There are so many reasons people can play on more than 1 server at a time.

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Strongly disagree. I have left many servers for many different reasons, and there is a problem introduced with the PlayStation 2.3 update that prevented many people from accessing their home server, if that was implemented, they couldn’t play somewhere else.

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Then there will be players that also do that more, means - build things and never returns to server, for now atleast they need time to get better tools, to wall out or just make buildings, but then there will be level 60 griefers that instantly will be able to wall out on tier 3 walls???

and by that 1 at time. i mean directly this, think logical a bit - if player will play only in 1 server at time there wont be full servers of abandoned homes where they return only 1 time to reset timers…

each thing that is done has one thing that may turn it in weapon, maybe even then if my idea is realised someone will make some other idiotism like now it is with these timereseters or landclaimers… who knows …

what i mean by this is - if someone has give to much freee will he will turn it in harasment to others, so i am actualy up to that - 1 server at a time, otherwise 1 guy expands in 3+ servers while someone else cant get place because first one expanded too much and never plays , only resets timers…

First, I really didn’t understand any of that. I don’t know if it’s a translator problem or something else. I tried, but I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

Second, you’re not answering any of the questions I wrote. Those are real questions that would have to be answered in order to implement what you proposed. If you actually have an answer, then let’s hear it. If you don’t, then you should realize that your idea won’t work.

I am thinking logically, that’s why I asked you all those questions. Those are logical questions that would dictate how the feature is implemented.

Being an inactive refresher is not harassment. That’s why I said it shouldn’t be covered by the terms of conduct.

Harassment is (for example) walling someone in, or building foundation spam to prevent someone from expanding. Stuff like that needs to be in the official server terms of conduct because it cannot be solved with an in-game mechanic. As the old adage goes, you can’t solve people problems with technology.

Overbuilding and inactivity are not harassment. They are gameplay patterns that can cause problems when taken to extremes, but they’re not a product of malicious intent.

You might be up to that. Many people aren’t, because they have legitimate reasons to play on multiple servers. Like I actually said in my last post and you also ignored that bit. I’m going to go more in depth this time around, but I’ll just say upfront that if I keep addressing your own concerns and you keep ignoring mine, there’s no incentive to continue the discussion.

Like @h3rb1 pointed out, there are many reasons to play on multiple servers. Sometimes it’s because there’s a technical issue preventing you from accessing your favorite server. Sometimes, you have to lay low on your server for a while because there’s a toxic clan harassing you and everyone else and you want to keep having fun somewhere else until they get bored. Sometimes one of your friends went to a different server and you want to keep playing with them but also keep participating in the community on your old server.

Those are just some examples of why someone would play on multiple servers. You can’t reduce everything to one case you don’t like, or the cure becomes worse than the disease.

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I mostly agree with your sentiment. Something should be done to limit building, and it would be awesome for those who like to build big as well as those who don’t. But, the feeling on pvp that you can just blow it all up is not totally accurate. If someone is chain spamming t3 foundations everywhere yes in theory go farm dragon powder and god tokens… but who wants to spend all their time doing that? Especially if the spammers come back and keep rebuilding. Again, it is doable, but most players just walk away at that point and go search for other servers they can actually pvp in. Cleaning up foundation spam across the map is not a fun form of pvp from my experience. Although a small amount is doable, in large doses it becomes futile. Which some form of building limits would help address.

I personally like the flag system someone mentioned before. That way each clan can have a certain amount of space in a server and build within it however they want to. Multiple flags would allow clans to build in multiple locations, but not every hot spot. Just some thoughts, glad to see the community discussing solutions, hopefully the devs have enough time to devote to this topic as I see many players complaining about it before they leave servers.

More likely because i am not native english and my word limit is as it is, i cant use more terms to one word to maybe explain it to be more understandable -
But i try : Decay timers IS timers for servers to clear occupied space in servers - but what the point is for them then if there is players that builds up big bases, and then never ever are online in 4 months but only come to reset timers like 1 minute online and then leaves again…

By this i mean , that every stuff that something make that is supposed to be good, always will be somone that uses it as exploit - like, now u can see players bases where owners never plays on server just come to decay reset… Or some griefers that do landclaim spam with tier 1 sandstone… so now imagine, after funcom adds server transfer, there will be griefers who uploads they characters and surf by servers to do tier 3 landclaim… because character will be level 60 not to start over again…

Not harassement but server space occupy + abnormal big bases causes texture load lag or something like that, i mean, its not on u or anyone there just for example to better understand - imagine u build abnormal BIG base on almost whole grid , then build all around siptah island some outposts, then u decide its ok and leave, means u never play on that server again, but just come to reset timer , when its almost decayed, and then instant leave… well i play again on one official long enough, and there is like 2 clans that i never seen online. Like ok inactive, but they build such big bases, that well i streamed for drops , each time when i passed by that thing fps dropped from 60 to 30… Its not about inactivity, atleast if i get it right by meaning, but about if u build in one server then PLAY on it, not leave stupid buildings that just are landclaiming and others cant use that place…

Then this idea could be upgraded …
Like : 1 Official at time , and or 1 private with mods, i mean this on PVE servers because on pvp u can destroy if something are on way, but in pve well again in PVE there is almost impossible to discover all vistas and points because that northern outpost are blocked by megabuilding, and would be ok because base 3 times almost decayed, but then one guy joins , rresset timers and leaves for another 160 hours.

I dont know but idea is - servers are all the same, on one mode, but explain then - why some one, need to play like in 3 PVE servers and resets bases in all 3 servers, if he should then play on one …

I also readed that coin post about, that is ok, but then there will be like bases where they harvest all possible gold then , and joins to reset base timers by using gold, so this may make no difference than it is now…

Again - its all ok but : Why reset timers and occupy space on servers where they never plays ( 4 months straight) …

I dont know maybe i just too stupid with english language then, if nobody gets the main idea :D… sorry then

I don’t think that limiting the amount of servers a player can join would be better for the game in the long run, but for sure, this is something that has been troubling players for years along with the excessive landclaiming, foundation spam and of course the walling of PoI, and must be fixed.

I don’t know if FC is taking action against this practices, but i see this kind of post more and more in the forums, hopefully, they will bring a solution… some day…

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Fact is, whoever built those structures likely spent a lot of time and effort on them. It is understandable they may want to take a break from the game for a period of time while not losing large amounts of progress.

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I agree. That is a problem, and it needs to be solved. I’ve been going on about it elsewhere in these forums. What I disagree with is that it can or should be solved by: 1) making it part of official rules, or 2) restricting players to one server only.

Server transfer is much less of a problem than you assume. I recently started a new character and it took me a week of relaxed playtime to get back to my normal endgame capacity for building. A really dedicated player will be able to reach level 60 within the same day of creating the character, and probably be able to spam T3s the next day, or perhaps the day after. And they don’t even need T3 materials if all they want to do is spam – they can churn out enormous amounts of T1 the very same day they join the server.

The problem isn’t the progression curve. The problem is that refreshing the decay timer literally costs nothing in terms of time, effort, or resources. That’s why I believe an upkeep system is needed, but that’s really, really hard to get right, especially in a game that has had no upkeep for 3+ years.

I don’t have to imagine a scenario like that, I’ve seen it on official servers 1819, 1821, and 1823, among others. Like I said, I know overbuilding is a problem, and I agree it needs to be solved.

But like I said, your proposed solutions will not work. So let’s try to find a solution that will work instead.

You keep reducing everything to that one example of being indefinitely inactive and refreshing the builds. And I keep telling you that there are:

  1. players who play actively on more than one server
  2. legitimate reasons to go inactive for a limited period of time and just refresh the builds

Limiting people to only one server at a time will only hurt those groups of players with legitimate reasons to play like that without solving the real problem of overbuilding.

It would make a big difference, because you can’t stay inactive if you want to maintain your base. You can’t just log in for 1 minute and have everything refreshed. What’s more, the bigger your claim, the more you have to spend time farming for the upkeep. An upkeep system like that would make people stop overbuilding in the first place, and also make it impossible to be inactive indefinitely.

I get the main idea and I agree that it’s a problem. And I keep saying that your solutions are worse than the problem itself.

I’m not against solving the problem. I’m against bad solutions.

The walling off of POIs is already against the rules (at least on non-PVP servers) and Funcom does take action against that, because that’s griefing and harassment. Similarly, they take action against foundation spam when it’s used maliciously against one or more other players, because that’s also harassment.

The problem they haven’t solved yet is the overbuilding: excessive land-claiming and non-targeted foundation spam.

Honestly, we might not even need an upkeep system. Maybe they can get the same results by:

  1. activating the follower cap, and
  2. making the purge meter not decay while you’re offline

Even that would be a step in the right direction, because suddenly you can’t just build monstrosities like bases that span a whole map grid or more, or highways across half the map, without having the support of the whole community on that server to defend your creations.


Thats because i lack of words to make another exaples and this one is only way i can simplier explain what i think.

Both are OK , i mean its not ok to build in more than one server megabuilds and then went to play in only one, but just refreshing all others without even playing, that takes space… Like i understand there is reasons why even players may be inactive, yes. but i mean its not ok to build and take space where u never ever play anymore, but just reset timers… that is not ok, see even in summer decay are extended to not loose things, but if u dont play at all but just take space that is problem i mean.

Thats nice thank u, but i just give some idea, its not needed to be direct like that, i dont want to ‘‘forbid’’ to play on others servers, let it be but player should choose for it like be active on every server or dont reset timers,…

may also be like this

  1. if u play on 2 servers then decays halfs up like if u play in 1 server it is 7 days , u go on another , its then is 4 days… decay in servers, and the more u play the less is decay
  2. Or the more server u play the less u can build
  3. or even that coin thing u showed link - tho that will cause new problems

i dont know, need to get this solved but each idea is plus minus like also harm not only solve problem…

I do agree with the thrall limit since, it was noted by the developers that this will improve the server performance and believe me we need the boost.

The upkeep, server wipes, lower decay timer, and other player punishing dynamics for building would be better placed in a new “hard core” server list for those people that want these options and the existing servers need to be left as-is, perhaps with the “reward for building small” I mentioned earlier.