What are the options for leaving a server (cleanly)?

Alright, so I see a lot of structures with the owner blank and decay of 0:00.
If I want to leave a server and not leave anything behind do I?

  1. Dismantle everything and break bond?
  2. Choose the Recreate Character option?
  3. Work towards the End Game?


It used to be that recreate character would make it as though you were never there, all buildings etc. would be gone.

However, I have noticed that loot bags will sometimes hold the items from the old character for a short time.

The best way would be to dismantle & drop everything till you see it de-spawn then remake character, just exit on the create screen and you will 100% be gone from that server.

But you could also do nothing, let the game time decay everything and let other players recover whatever they can when your buildings crumble to dust.

If you see decay at 0.0 hold the activate key (E on PC) until you see an option to dismantle the building. Just be sure it’s not raid time on a PVP server because the thralls wont disappear with the building.

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The friendly thing mainly is break bond with all your thralls. The buildings will decay, but thralls take alot longer.


Sounds like a good plan. Imagine my surprise when I joined what I thought was a “new” server and I already had a character.

I was thinking of doing this as well. I read the decay timer discussion and thralls could benefit from some of the changes discussed.

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