What finally made me leave CE ...and sad

I really like the game but the way the game is designed is not how I play games.
I am what I would call a “season” player, I have fun with a game for some time, then leave it for weeks or months to play something different and after a while I usually come back to the first game. But what I do not like is to start over every time I return, something CE forces me to do because of the decay and removal of my character.
And since I prefer to play multiplayer, the solo option is nothing for me.

Wish there would be a way to store the character and maybe certain gear and thralls if I decide to take a break from the game, so it would be easier to rebuild my base after the break. I would have no realy issues with rebuilding the buildings, often enough I moved my whole base to a different place.
It is the grind to get the thralls and some special loot again what holds me back from returning.

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You are sharing the world with other players, that’s why the decay system exists, and even then it’s filled with bases that nobody uses, imagine if players could save their progress in public servers.
also you don’t lose levels so you can easily start to craft high level items without much trouble other than the initial grind.

The only way i can see to do what you want while playing online, is playing on a private server without decay timer or making your own and i don’t think you’re wiling to do it.


@Corspa Just gotta body vault all the important stuff on your character when you take your leave

Specifically, before you leave for the season, pick up all of your benches, tools mats, weps, armor, etc. you may have to prioritize a little. Having a few thralls ready to be placed is also recommended , then just find a spot where you will be safe until the next server restart, which will most likely be within 24 hours. This way when you respawn(return) you will do so with your inventory intact and just have to rebuild a home, which can be enjoyable

Many people do not agree with how easy Funcom has made it to be able to just vault everything on your body safely(200 inventory slots, 5 armor slots and 8 slots on the radial dial) But in your situation it is a great option versus having to start over entirely.


So let me get this straight.

You want a way to take six months off and just leave all your stuff laying around for six months? How is that fair for everyone else? You’re taking up space and it makes the game have a lot less commitment required if they turned off decay. What’s to stop people from spamming foundations on a server, never to return because they don’t have to?

There are servers for this extreme set of circumstances.

doesn’t it take a week or something before your body despawns?

Pls increase decay timer on pve and pvec to 14 days @Funcom_Community

Not anymore(unless they recently changed it…again). Your body is removed at Next server restart Last time I checked.

Seems as though a simple solution would be to play a server that has decay timers turned off.

I honestly think body-vaulting(in its current state) is a simple enough solution to his problem now that he knows of it and that it’s an option

Just sayin coz most people prefer official servers and decay timers turned would only be available on private servers which might easily not exist when he comes back to it

Hey @Corspa

It’s sad to see you go and we hope you find luck in your future gaming endeavors. Should you wish to give us another chance in the future, once we kept working on improving on the game and adding new features, we’ll be happy to have you again with us.
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