Changing servers and returning to old server

If I go to a PvP server. And level up. Do some fighting. Will I be able to goback to my other server Pv-E and carry on where I left off. With the same level and attributes etc

Your character is permanent on the unique servers.

Thanks. Good News.

Just remember decay might be an issue

Do you mean buildings whilst I’m away? Or something else?

yes. buildings will deacy in 7 days of no activity. and all loot will be gone in any chests/stations.

Also, i think if you leave your body in one place onger than a certain amount of days it will “die” and you will spawn naked and broke in the Desert starting area. Still level 60, just homeless and a hobo :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m in a small clan. So that won’t be a problem. I will only be gone for a short time. I just want to try PvP once in a while.

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