Deleting character and then reclaiming loot

I am looking to delete a character of mine on an official server, just to rename it. I do wish to keep the loot however. I have tried it once before, with just having 4 storage boxes with small amounts of goodies on the starter beach, which worked well enough but was also done quickly.

The boxes were there, decayed and i could dismantle them and reclaim my loot.

I am wondering though, does anyone know how long i would have to do this until the old foundations and such disintegrate? I am looking to do this again but with a lot more loot, and don’t wish to risk losing my cache in the time needed to get to the location and set up storage and the like on a new character.

24 hrs

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Sweet, thank you very much for the quick reply!

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The decay time depends on the decay timer for any building pieces. Anything belonging to a deleted character will immediately go into a decayed state where it can be destroyed or looted. For a couple boxes on the ground this could only be a couple hours, while an entire T3 base could be around for the full 24 hours.

Also, on a public server, leave your loot in an out of the way place or any passing player could grab it.


Yup, this is the correct answer!

I think 1 chest is about an hour? Full timer is 24.

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you have to be aware of the decay bug on officilas, sometimes when thedecay timer reach zero and freeze there, this occurs often where are players near the about to decay building, every one who rendered the about to decay building have to go far away from the render distance otherwise the timer will still freeze in zero till server restart.


Cheers for the infos everyone, i am guessing a big strip of sandstone with improved benches on it and the like should buy me enough time. Heck, even 1 hour is plenty to create a new character, get there, dismantle the cargo carrier box and then redistribute to temporary followers.

And yeah, i already have built in a spot on Siptah most people do not visit but i’m going to do the transfer when there is noone on.

Thank you for the proximity advice regarding the timer freezing, as well! Good to be prepared for whatever odd things could happen.


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