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Does Gportal delete inactive characters on official servers if they havnt been logged in for say 3months? I had level 60 characters on some servers but when I log in to them now I have to remake from scratch, I dont think there has ever been a wipe.

Buildings yes, characters no.

Yea I know about the buildings decay etc, just I use to have characters on other servers lvl60s after release, I had not played on the servers for ages as I was on another one but went back to it & my characters are no longer there even though I had not deleted them.
Thanks for reply.

How long does it take to destroy buildings?

136 hours or something.
double for thralls.

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1 week (168 hrs). After that time your buildings will be “abandoned” for 24 hrs, so everyone can destroy and loot* them during this time. If it still exist after 24 hrs of abandoned state it will be removed by the server.

You need to go close a building to reset decay timer (not only login on the server !).

You can see decay timer of buildings in two ways: holding TAB while pointing them, or by using a repair hammer.

For pets and thralls they are removed by the server if none of your clan login for at least 2 weeks (this created a serious floating pets and thralls of decayed bases problem !)

*in PvE-Conflict, still no loot in PvE, in PvP if you don’t play your base will be destroyed much more before you notice decay timer exists.

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