How do I take myself off a Conan Exiles server (PS4) once I've tried it?


I’m COMPLETELY new to servers. I tried Google for info first and decided I’d just have to jump in to figure out specifics. I tried one then tried another with a also newbie who I wanted to play with. How do I get rid of myself from the 1st one? Itried taking the bracelet off and also tried restarting character and then closing the app before completing a new character. I looked in settings and my psn cloud. Much googling. No luck. Please help.

You don’t have to take yourself off the other server. Just don’t play on it if you don’t want to.

Each server you join will make you start a new character- they do not transfer server to server.

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I don’t like that my character and stuff with my player name is in there. Like I’m going to play on that server but actually not wanting to return. I already started on a new server for near a week now. I thought maybe my character would eventually expireor something.

Select “Recreate Character” in the menu and then, when you’re taken to the character creation screen, just cancel character creation.

I tried that but i still come up as level 10 in the server list.

Weird, maybe that’s PS4 specific… works for me on PC.

After 7 days of not logging into that server, your character will disappear. It will always exist on that server, but will not be seen in-world unless you log into the server again.

There is now way to completely remove yourself from a server, as if you had never been there.

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Well the 7 day thing makes me feel half better. Sad because I wanted to try another server after trusting house security to my partner. A player climbed in the roof hole and looted everything. Was even rude about it being still in when we came online. I didn’t hit till he started, just emoted. I lured him out and fixed the roof design. But I’d rather “move country”. I’ve played to lvl 59 on single player, just brand new to any form of multiplay. We thought the thralls would also defend if we got hit by someone but nope. Linked with building destruction time zones apparently. And yes I know it’s pvp, but we wanted it realistic. Just being new & knowing the dude on that one is a jerk. Especially noted with a name like MindFarker. All a bit much.So I wanted to clean me up from first and second server. We chose empty servers because we thought thatd give us a sporting chance to set up our oasis playground unaggresive but defensive. But was only empty at the time. I’d get my own server if it was a one off purchase and not rented. Thanks guys for assisting with my newbie questions.

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