Official server #3500 PvE -

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Accidental character reset
Region: [America]

Please help, woke up to character creation screen. Any way to get progress back? I’m on official PvE server on ps4.

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The pve server my wife and I play on was shut down a few hours ago most likely because of announced mantinace access all official server’s. Perhaps you tried logging in during this period and can get back in later. The scary thing would be if mantinace wiped or characters that I believe could be fixed. Over the past couple of years I have come close to erasing my character instead of logging off after a long session and little sleep. @Hugo any thoughts on this?

They will need the server number time would probably help also. Have you attempted again? @MunchkinRAGE

Of course if you did accidentally reset if you have someone else in your clan they invite you back in so it is not a total loss.

I am not in a clan to do this, have been doing my stuff solo

That is a shame. But it is a game. We have been playing since Conan-Exiles hit ps4 and started over 4 or 5 times. You know the map now so it will be easier. A friend that joined us on 3507 was over level 24 or so in 5 hours he runs the whole map learning recipes and locations and it levels him. After 8 days he is level 60 and we are low 30,s . If you can get on before your old base decays perhaps you can salvage some things. Good luck to you.

I’ve been playing about 8 or 9 days and just got level 51 last night. How can you tell about the decay time?

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They should add a code or something to confirm a character reset. It looks too similar to the log out selection lol

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Best way is a repair hammer you can make a simple one on in your inventory

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