Online play - General Question

Have been playing offline for a bit and had a look at online.

My questions are:

  1. Can you transfer stuff from your offline character to an online character?

  2. Is there any way to transfer whatever you do on an online server to another online server?

Am thinking that you start afresh on each online server but surely that reduces the benefit of going to different servers as you seem to start from scratch in each server?

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Regretfully, the answer to both of your questions is no. Your offline game and each server is treated as a completely separate world.


Yep it’s as @JTtheDestroyer said, because when you login on a server you’ve never been before you have to create a new character.

You do not lose anything in the servers / solo game you played before, it’s just every server is a “new game” option.

So for example you can play as many games you wants on differents servers, but be aware in online if you do not visit your buildings for more than a week (on official servers) they will decay and they will be removed from the server.

Anyway even if your stuffs decayed because you do not login on that server for more than a week you don’t lose character’s progressions and level.

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Suspected this lol.

so what do u do if your server is full? u can’t play and have to go to another server and start developing a new character?

Honestly it happened when I start to play in PvP when the game was released.

Obviously in PvP is suicidal to be offline during raiding time, but my work lets me coming back home only when it was already started, so I experienced this problem.

I just spent an hour one time before being able to login… just to discover they raided me in the meanwhile :no_mouth:

Than after 3 months like this I started to play PvE-Conflict, now they are 11 months I’m on the same server, found full only one time (I login 2-3 mins later) just because it was a free-to-play trial week end. I’ve spent thousands of hours joyful playing there :slight_smile:

Honestly I think even in PvP it’s now difficult to have this problem (I suppose this because I’ve never seen complaints about that on the forum), sometimes it could happens the server where you play is experiencing some problems, the one where I play one day was down for 4 hours… My advice in that case is to play also a solo game, where you can experiement new things :wink:

Or just compulsively report the down state of the server like me :smile:

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