Buildings,Thralls,item box go missing on PVE conflict and standard pve

Game mode: [Online server 3022, 3042
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]

Both on these server my buildings went missing after weeks of building and hours on another. I don’t know what’s happening?! I am not in a pvp game but PVE conflict for 3042 and 3022 on PVE how is it that my buildings and thrall vanish? I have also 2 consoles one in Europe and another in Asia when I’m on business trips. My data is auto uploaded and I have installed what ever data from online I wonder what’s happening please help -Nickpaine

Hello @Nickpaine, welcome to the forums!

It’s possible that your structures have decayed, did you check their decay timer periodically?
Have you looked into the Event Log for additional information?

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