Bulk Material for walkways

A little suggestion for immersion:
Add come bulk materials (gravel, sand etc.) so we can pour it on the ground to make paths/walkways

  1. You’ll have to grind some stone and you get a Bag of gravel (instead of salt, a grinder would produce gravel).
  2. Pour the gravel on the ground and it will cover the terrain. Uhm let’s say ~1m in diameter
    They should blend to each other.

An other option would be planks, which you can lay down on the ground.


I think that’s a great idea. I support you.

Right now you can do this with the blocks. I like this idea though, but only if it : A. Doesn’t cause despawn B. has zero armor value to hopefully not cause even more lag C. can’t be put through Spawn points or Thrall settlements. D. Gives a Stamina boost because its easier to travel on E. can’t be spammed across the maps because someone wants to be the next Roman to cover the lands in roadways. (i.e.- be kept in base “zone”) Now, if it can be made to add zero to little lag, then maybe connection paths be cool (PVE, PvP would be horrible in leading people to your stuff). Good idea though.

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It would produce the gravel with a salt by-product which would make more sense. I always thought just grinding stones into salt was weird, but gravel with some salt is better.


Do you mean foundations? Nope they don’t work in the way I was thinking of “Walkways”. They snap to each other and won’t fit to the terrain.

Agree with all of these points. They should really just be of cosmetic nature.

This contradicts the idea of objects of a purely cosmetic nature. So nope, I don’t agree with this one.

In the case of Trolls… yeah. Maybe it must be placed in a certain range of a foundation.

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