Paved Stone Walkway rework?

Well well well, this is my first time to post an actual topic! So hellosies, first and foremost!

I hope this is the right place to put this as I’d really love to see this. So far it’s annoying me to no end:

The newest dlc (riders of Hyboria) added these beautiful paved stone walkways, however they are just a pain to place unless you have a massively flat surfaced area -Which this game rarely has.
Is there not a chance to add smaller paved walkway options to the dlc, half the size, perhaps more rounded, anything like this, so we poor souls that live in less flat areas can have pretty walkways, too? I’m a very patient person, but spending half an hour just to place one walkway in a way that doesn’t look crappy is a tad too much.

It’s not a big thing really, but since the dlc pieces cannot be modded, the only place to ask about this is here.

Friendliest greetings to all my fellow exiles!



Agreed. They way they are now is suboptimal, shall we say.


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