Call to Arms End Date

1: We are supposed to send the emails after the event ends: What is the window for this specifically, (due to time-zones), don’t want to miss it.

2: Also, can we send it before.
Heres the thing, I finally have my two items needed, and I don’t fancy doing much more of anything for fear of losing either item. (I died once, went to get my body, was logged out for the patch yesterday, came back, and my body and every item I had on me was gone.)

Would love to continue exploring - Im having a blast, first time online as I always heard complaints about ‘cheaters’, fear of wipes, stagnation, etc., so I stayed away… but definitely don’t want to risk a one hit from a Black Yeti up north… which Im curious to see… and not getting my items back. :slight_smile:

Suppose storing them could work… though I am in a clan and have shared chest now.
Not that I don’t trust my clan members, infact its due to being in a clan I was able to make it so far - more the concept of misplacing items when packing, storing, rearranging - I myself have accidentally discarded items when sorting through chest.

3: Also, do we need to send a screenshot, I have one, it was not clear - or will you just be able to tell?

4: Last but not least: For those who win a sword, will it be connected to our steam account so we can use it with our main character? (i.e. how will giving you the name of the current character help determine this for distribution? Though in fairness, it is using my steam name, as I could not finish character creation due to the camera zooming past my character, so it just generated the name as I clicked the continue button.)

Thank you!

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I am fairly sure what you win (if you win) is a DLC code for the sword - which would apply to your whole account, same as if you’d bought the Day One edition (which has the sword code on a piece of cardboard). While the sword may not have been offered for general sale, it functions just the same as other kinds of DLC in every other way.

I would also imagine that the requirements for having the items in your inventory is because it’s then a piece of cake to query whether character ‘name’ has item X and item Y in their inventory, while verifying that if the items were in chests / placed in base would be an order of magnitude more difficult (and manual, ie prohibitively expensive).

Though bear in mind I’m just guessing, by no means take my word as any sort of canon :slight_smile:


Hey @Dhaylen

The deadline for submission is at the end of this week ( Sunday, March 3rd 2019, at 23:59 CET)

Yes, you absolutely can!

Quoting from the event announcement:

After the event, please send an e-mail to and include the server name of the Test Server you played on, character name and character level at the time you stopped testing

It will be a DLC added to your Steam account.

Please let us know if there is any further clarification needed!


Thank you so much!

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I actually missed the level has to be reported.

Thanks for clarification.

Time to get to sixty then, so I can enter the raffle without stopping to play afterwards. :wink:

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Hey, saw you online… your place was close to mine.
Tried to wave back, but emote wasn’t working - sorry about that! :slight_smile:

I saw you standing on that very wall with your wolf, watching me fight the ghost boss by my own.

That was you… was logging out - sorry, just helped two other people - didn’t know that was a boss you were with. Thought about going down to help. (Had just helped Adam and Rudedog in that area) - Sorry

  • how did it end?

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