Call to arms event over?

Is this call to arms event over now?

yes, but you are still able to make submissions, if I’m correct.

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Yeah I all ready sent my email but wasn’t sure if it was over or not…i wanted to keep the stuff in my inventory till I was sure it was over.

One thing’s sure, you are able to send an email till the 3rd. I’ve asked clarification from Tascha. Might hear more tomorrow or on stream possibly. I’m not informed as twitch moderator which game they play.

Yes, it’s over and the deadline for submission is Sunday, March 3rd 2019, at 23:59 (CET) :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions regarding this week/next week, look here:

Shoot if you’re missing anything.

So, the event is over - yet, I assume, testlive is still open for testing?

Are the required items for CtA ‘locked in’ now that the event is closed?
(i.e., the two items required to be in our inventory - do they still have to be there?)


… only asking, as I did die during the CtA and could not recover items, would hate to go back in - lose the two required items. :slight_smile:


I would suggest to wait until the raffle took place.

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Yes the even is over but you can still log into test and yes I would wait until we have verified the items in your inventory :slight_smile:

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I was concerned about this, so am only logging in to keep thralls and bases alive, to make sure I don’t do something silly, like die and lose stuff.

I would have thought the database for characters and items would be copied at the end of the event, so it would not matter what happened after the event ended. But I am playing it safe.

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When does the “raffle” aka a “drawing” happen? IOW, did I win? :wink:

Sunday is the last day to submit your info, I believe - should be shortly after. :slight_smile:

@Dhaylen is correct :slight_smile:

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Wait, you didn’t take a database snapshot when the event ended?

Narf… I went back to do other stuff on testlive yesterday, depositing my bench an fragment into my vault…

I guess I will have to keep them in my inventory then…

Thanks for the heads up.

At this point, we no longer need to have the bench and fragment in our inventories and can go about our normal play, correct?

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When’s the raffle?


Yes I want to know too :astonished:


The day after the CTA ended the servers had only shown 438 unique players over the last 7 days. I imagine that everyone who participated and completed the requirement should get a prize since there were 500 total winners possible.


good to know. I was pretty sure we were well under 500, but if over 500, it was really going to be a raffle to see who the unlucky few would be :wink:

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If that is the case, how would we be notified?