Call to Arms: Off-hand combos

This is a thread for all bugs and feedback related to the new off-hand weapon combos during the current Call to Arms event. To participate in the event, please read the announcement.

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Online Official TestLive
Combat, off-hand glitch

Shield bash is not operating as expected. When shield is equipped, it is frequently triggering twice in the 4-part combo action.

Given: your timing is allowing this to actually become a combo.

  1. Equip Khitan Shield* and Iron Axe
  2. Engage in combat, opening with RMB (overhead leaping strike)
  3. Click LMB, shield will sometimes bash
  4. Click RMB for bleed strike
  5. Click LMB to often get shield bash again

IOW you’ll get overhead strike (heavy), shield bash (light), bleed swipe (heavy) and shield bash (light).

* On video review this may have happened earlier with entry-level shield and stone sword.


I found very harmfull bug, it’s not related to offhand combat, but i could not find more proper thread to report it. It’s about archer thralls on testlive, they always shoot the ground after combat ends, wasting precious ammo that is not infinite anymore on them. Here is the video, scroll to the end of it to see the bug:

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During combat against NPCs if i have a shield and i keep blocking and IF the enemy has equiped a 1h sword during his strong attacks he will teleport or pass right trough my block or simply vanish for a few seconds. EU1

Game mode: [Single Player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type : [NA]
Region: [NA]

Maybe related to the new off-hand mechanics: Throwing axes can’t be thrown anymore. Checked with all axes in the game. Throwing spears still works, but (archer) thralls will always move to enemy and enter close combat. They than sometimes throw a spear into the enemy, making the range attack rather pointless.

  1. Equipe thrall with throwing weapons and get into a fight while next to them
  2. Upon player taking damage they will start fighting the enemy
  3. Observe weapons usage

I have had this same issue on US3

Seconded. Throwing axes seem to be broken for NPCs. This is new behavior, exact Darfari Level 2 Archer as on last TestLive where throwers worked.

Additionally, throwing axe goes invisible in inventory until thrall’s aggro ends. US Official PVP.


Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type : [PVP]
Region: [EU]

If you equip water orb onto the hot bar and throw it, then run out of it, it becomes faded out but the character is still holding an orb. You can get a throwing animation but won’t get the orb thrown. The faded orb icon disappears if you equip something else.


This is an old behavior.

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Same thing for the gas orb

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Game mode: EU 2
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PVP
Region: EU

When I returned my journey steps from last day were not on the screen, but the first ones- climb, etc. were. When I did them, they did not gave me exp, nor disappeared. Later, during a fight I noticed the steps returned to normal.

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PVP
Region: NA

Not sure if this counts as an offhand issue since Javelins are a main hand weapon, but the the new attack from the javelin has an issue where it is supremely off target of all 3 other strikes. The new Javelin 4th hit lands VERY high and the player has to aim at the floor to land on target consistenly, not sure if bugged or working as intended.

  1. Use a full javelin attack combo
  2. On 4th hit miss your attack as you watch the javelin sail above your target.
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Online Official
Bug, combat offhand

When throwing axe and battle axe are equipped, the third strike (heavy) does not dole out a bleed.

  1. Used a Cimmerian Axe plus Steel Throwing Axe, perform first two strikes
  2. Perform Heavy
  3. See there is no bleed

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug / Misc
Server type : PvP
Region: US

This may not be considered a bug, however has to do with stamina usage / amount when using an offhand weapon. The offhand weapon takes more stamina when performing moves in a combo than the mainhand weapon. It would make more sense to have the mainhand use more stamina than the offhand.

1.Noticed after doing a combo with a Iron Mace and Throwing Axe (iron)


Game type: US 3 Combat
Server: PVP
Region: US
Issue: Bug

I was fighting a wild wolf close by the lake up north i died spawned back at base with another wild wolf in my house went back to pick up my stuff and the same wild wolf i was fighting was still there.

Thanks for your feedback and bug reports. We’re closing this thread now as the Call to Arms event is over, but feel free to continue leaving feedback in the patch notes thread: