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A portion of my main camp is not rendering. The buildings only. The thralls, chests and craft benches are still there. I know it is not maintenance or decay because I was online daily for the last week and did maintenance 3 days ago.

Server 1727 PvE Offical server.

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Log in on Server 1727

Go to co-ordinates : H,I 3

See missing foundations , plaza, bridge, and buildings.

Please let me know what you find and tell me the solution.


Assuming there is no decay messages in the logs? Change zones or relog. This is quite normal for rendering issues.


The event log shows the lost items losing stability between 13:00 and 14:38 this afternoon. Is that decay? If so there was an error in the system because I had been in that zone daily for the past week. Also did maintenance on Monday. I did try the log in and out in different zones no change, also my clansman said the same thing is happening to him at our camp. Is there any way to recover?

Thank you

Something destroyed the stability of the pieces you had placed. That seems odd, but not surprising. I’d ask other clans if they are experiencing the same issue. Might be a server hardware issue if there are others on the map with the same issue.

Take screen shots of the build and one of your map with your location (with coordinates).

I’d go here with this link.

Keep in mind Zendesk’s fine print on that page:

“Please provide as much information and evidence as possible. If the report concerns a building/construction you MUST include a screenshot/image of the map showing the exact location, or we will not be able to investigate the matter. You can attach up to 5 images below; feel free to include a link to a private, externally hosted video in your description if needed.”

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