Stuff disappearing and foundation visual bugs

Game mode: | Online private |
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: | PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

  1. Come back to base and Large Campfire and Stove lose stabilty and gone along with their thralls.
  2. Foundations disappear leaving stations floating. Cannot put a new foundation down or pick it up. Visually putting a ceiling tile down fixes.

Installed Mods:

Better Thralls
Northern Timber
Sand & Stone
Desert Town
Arena Pier
Shani’s stuff
Pythagoras: expanded
Limestone buildings
LBPR additional
Unlock +
Hosav’s UI

Steps to Reproduce:

No idea. Campfire and Stove were placed on ceiling tiles. Tiles were still there when I can back to base. Have been online most of the weekend so it is not decay. Same issue happened coupe of days ago when campfire placed on Foundation.

Foundations keep visually disappearing but only the one close to cliffside or placed overlapping terrain. Was trying to build the base into the rocks for better looks

Would post a copy of the Game log but as a new user cannot upload images. (do you actually want people to report bugs?)

Game log say the campfire and stove lost stability

Is the anti undermesh feature turned on?

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As a new private PVE server only set up on Wedensday I assume that it is turned on automatically? I cannot find a setting to toggle on or off so not something I would have done manually.

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