Can anyone beat a Giant Spider(or Giant Spider Skull) in 1v1?

I am struggling to beat this one in 1v1 with level 60.

Can anyone has beated this one since the most recent patch?

I feel like both Giant Spider and Giant Snake are unbeatable in 1v1 since new patch

(without using their AI or bow or glitch)

And if you guys want the ‘Real Challenge’ in this game go SP and Admin Panel and fight vs Snake Alpha or Snake Giant and good luck with that

had no problem at all using archery with melee it takes a few pieces of food + ambrosia and alot of dodging

Get yourself flawless heavy elite armor a shield and a one handed weapon (these should not be hard to obtain at level 60)

Block and time your attacks for just after they bounce of your shield.

You will need some anti poison pots, heal pots and some food and it takes some time but absolutely possible.

To recover your stamina just drop your block between hits.

The spiders attack faster than the snakes and can be a bit of a pain to land hits but the snakes are rather simple and easier so good for practice.
And yes I did use the plural of snakes and spiders as I personally know where at least two of each are found :wink:

Good luck in your mission to kill these.

Yea after I use shield and one hand sword I found it is way easier to kill bosses. Didn’t realize shield got buffed hugh lately.

Exploiting poorly programmed ai with the bow ruins the game for me tbh

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I don’t use bow atm. It is easy to kill by fooling them. Just takes too much time.

But now I know shield is pretty OP so I better try Spider Giant with shield.

funny part of the spiders in conan are they can’t climb for poop! jump on a high rock shoot them with the bow, and they don’t get to you at all, well at-least not in my single player world/map.
they really should make the spiders be able to crawl up and down walls/rocks, for immersion reasons

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Yep it is easy to kill Snake Giant now with Shield. But Spider Giant is still not easy at all :slight_smile:

In the last Dev stream they stated that they buffed World Boss’s Health considerably.

On another note since when do Spiders have skeletons?

Yes. I wasn’t expecting to fight it. I was just out gathering iron when all of a sudden it was behind me. I dodged its first attack and ran towards a Dafari melee that started to attack me. I engaged him briefly, which triggered his whole camp up on the hill. I ran up the hill to engage them with the giant spider following closely. I engage them, starting taking them down and noticed the giant spider wasn’t up the hill after me. I finished taking down the four Dafari guards in the immediate vicinity (fortunately, the others in the camp did not notice the fighting after all). When I went to the edge of the ramp leading back down out of the camp, I could the the giant spider “stuck” on the incline. So I worked my way around behind it and just whacked on it for a long, long time until it died. Yes, I cheesed the glitched giant spider because it can’t climb, but that’s how I’m able to kill it. Using its inability to climb and getting stuck makes it fairly easy to kill now. Free keys.

It’s not a skeleton, just its skin color looks different

yea it seems you will be always able to kill anything with using the AI and high ground