The difficulty of the hardest boss Giant Spider and Snake Bosses

So after the new patch(the huge buff of boss) this is what I think of difficulty of each key boss in 1v1 when you are level 60 (boss vs player)

Crocodile Giant - not easy but doable

Scorpion King - pretty much doable

Locust Queen - pretty much doable

Tiger White - pretty much doable

Elephant Alpha - pretty much doable

Rhino King - not easy but doable

Undead Dragon - not to underestimate but still doable

Demon Spider - pretty much doable

ReptileBeast Boss - 50/50 I lose sometimes, I win sometimes, it seems its damage is even higher than Rhino King.

Giant Spider - with this one, I am struggling in 1v1, it has fast speed, long range attack, fast attack combo I can still dodge all but barely can hurt it without getting hit by it. It is much harder than any other bosses in this game.

Giant Spider Skull - same as Giant Spider

Snake Alpha - just freaking fast, and very long range attack, it just instantly hurts you whereever you are in its range.

Snake Giant - same as Snake Giant

Anyone else think Giant Spider (and Snake Alpha) is bit too strong?
(I honestly think Snake bosses are even harder than Giant Spider tho)

If anyone wanna try instantly vs these bosses try Admin Panel in Single Player

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Re The Spider Boss.

In my experience, I go in with at least 30 vitality, light armor, and daggers. I circle the boss and when she attacks (large spiders are always female) she will normally miss due to me moving sideways compared to her attack. As she initiates her attack I move in from about 45 degrees to her forward facing deliver 3 hits with my daggers then I roll away sideways. Keep this up and if you get hit wait until you have regened your health before going in again. Find a nice flat place to kite the spider to.

Snake Alpha is really strong, feels like there is no way in defeating that thing