Can anyone with access to loot tables check this 1 item for me?

I have been grinding Raider’s Helm of the Grasslands for more than a month, however not once did it drop. I would really appreciate it if someone checked if there are some requirements to dropping it, like clearing all bosses in pillars or whatever. Thank you in advance.

I have it in my logs as dropping from Bhangi Khan. I never saw any reason to think that killing other bosses made any difference to what drops from the last one.

I know. The problem is that the item hasn’t dropped in the 100+ runs of pillars no matter what mode I ran. Did you drop it in hm or nm

Being a blue item, it should drop in the standard chest, so nm or hm doesn’t make differences. About dropping rate, it’s a matter of how large is the loot table and a bit of luck (or bad luck). You have always the same (maybe low) chances for each run. However I always have the impression the game a.i. reads in your mind and knows what you want and reduce your chances by purpose, lol :slight_smile: I’m joking, but your search remembers me when I wanted for vanity, for my pom, the purple tos/pom helm dropping in Ardashir HM. 20 runs in 3 weeks and never dropped. I gave up at the end.

100+ runs in 1.5 months here. Not giving up, but it is infuriating me.

FC’s loot tables are a mystery of its own. For example when farming mats: If you are lucky you will get kinds of leather almost every time or in the worst case nothing at all.

So I think not the loot tables are the problem but the algorithm which is used for calculation.

It’s a simple phenomenon called luck. If you do not get your item on the first try, your next try will NOT have increased odds. It will have the same odds over and over. So this means you can keep going for years and never get it, or you can be lucky and get it on your first try.

Nah, it’s probably fine. It’s just true randomness you are seeing, which means that you will from time to time experience streaks of luck or unluckiness.

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“For years” its unlikely as well. RNG says nothing on an individual try but on a staticically signficant number (like hundret(s) of runs) you must be very unlucky NOT to get it. So its boils down to what is the chance per run (# of blue items in loot table that can drop per run asuming equal distribution ) and you can calculate your chances… if you 2-3 times above the expectation value you should have very realistically chances.
As a rough estimate on the expectation value you could count all the items listed in aoc-tv to drop there for all factions and divide it by the number of bosses.

I don’t think so. Another example: when you create a new toon and clear the jungle instance you often get the same loot in a row ( for example four times seabeard’s shorts ). That cannot be bad luck, I did that quite often and the effect was often there. I am shure that’s because theres something strange with the algorithm.

Yeah must be something wrong. It’s impossible that other people get it easy and I don’t get a single one

nah. then we would see it in other places as well. I seriously doubt this system is bugged for pillars and tortage solo section only.

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