Does Predatory Blade still drop?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten the Predatory Blade to drop from the Brute. Certainly I haven’t seen it since 3.0 began. Is this just horrible luck? Did they lower the drop chance? Can anyone confirm that it definitely still drops? Thank you/

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Yes, it does still drop.

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Yes. I have to opposite problem, it’s the only freaking thing I can get to drop in the Unnamed City. Lol


I have predatory blade in my cupboard no older than 1,5 weeks at most (cause I was raided) so the answer is yes, it still does drop.

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It should have a 7.5% chance to drop from The Brute.

Make sure you are killing the correct boss, and if you are, then make a sacrifice or two to appease the rng gods, as you have angered them.

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No need for Sacrifices, Coming to Forums and compiling is usually good enough. =3


This one has gotten about one out of every three Unnamed City farm runs since the new season started.
It’s been the most this one has ever seen. No real need for repair kits anymore there are so many.

On the other hand, the dragon scale helm…
No love. Haven’t had it drop since a few months after Siptah became a thing.

RNGesus is a fickle deity.


The Dragonscale Helm has half the drop rate as the Predatory Blade, so some discrepancy between the two is to be expected.

Drop rate.

This phrase, it does not work the way people may think it works.

If something has a drop rate of, say, 2%, that does not mean it will appear twice in every 100 attempts. It doesn’t even mean it will appear once in 5000 attempts. At no point is there ever a greater than 2% it appears, no matter how often one checks. Each calculation is performed independently. It doesn’t appear 2% of the time with some hidden pity counter running in the background.

RNGesus could decide to give someone four in a row.
Or none. Ever.

This one’s point was that, looking at their collection of 30 something Predatory Blades, just because something hasn’t dropped in a few years, doesn’t mean it is absent entirely.

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Really? I’ve gotten it at least twice since the last time I got Predatory Blade. RNG just likes messing with people.

There is something called “The Law of Averages” that would dispute your claim.

The rng gods are fickle, but it is true that something with a 2% chance of happening could not happen 5000 times in a row. Of course the odds of it not happening 5000 times in a row are so low, the odds are probably higher of every air particle under your feet simultaneously accelerating upwards and giving you the ability to fly.

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You mean the Gambler’s Fallacy.
That’s not really a law, even when it masquerades as the Law of Large Numbers.
Edit: Removed useless prodding that was not yet replied to but was not productive

No, you see that’s no longer hyperbole and is now a flat out lie.
The chances of this very possible, however improbable (within the system in question) event happening are never the same as the chances of an impossible (within the system it happens) event happening.

The odds to fail to get a 2% drop 5000 times in a row is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000135%

I’d say both events, which are possible on a theoretical level, round to impossible.

Therefore, I’ll return your favor and call you a liar as well.

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Fights about RNG… they’re sooooooooooo random. :slight_smile:


So, if someone just shot up into the sky due to a particle anomaly localized in the air trapped under the tread of their shoes which cannot be accounted for with the physics currently available, you would consider it no more novel than RNG not providing a drop?

No, this is a missuse of probability and expectation of result.
Did you literally just take .98^5000 power?

We have very different opinions on what constitutes reasonable rounding when including possible vs impossible.
So, fair point this one was rude and the implication of deliberate falsehood was disingenuous.
While this one upholds the exceedingly important distinction between improbable and impossible, this one did so in a disingenuous and counter productive way…

The pot concedes their pigmentation to the kettle.
This one apologizes.

Edit: The unprovoked localized air anomaly is not possible on a theoretical level given our current physics models. The person would not shoot up into the sky. They would be flipped over due to the mechanism of weight dispersement by our feet and legs as well as where our mass rests vs the surface area of our lower pods. An air current to give a human form flight would need to be under much more than the just the feet.

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Seeing my words quoted there, I realize what I said earlier could be read two different ways with opposite meanings, and I wonder if you misinterpreted it.

What I did say:
“it is true that something with a 2% chance of happening could not-happen 5000 times in a row.”

What I did not say:
“it is true that something with a 2% chance of happening couldn’t happen 5000 times in a row.”


This one is happy to accept their misinterpreting on this point lead down a less than productive rabbit hole.

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Communication by text is nearly as fickle as the rng gods.


Yeah i got 5 of them now since 3.0

This one wonders if the youngest people, the ones who have always had text based communication as their primary medium of exchange with peers, have the same issue?
Languages often evolve to account for social limitations and habits and the (mis) information age has expedited the mutation rate of ideologies.
This one must pester their students next class.