Predatory Blade on isle of siptah?

Just curious is the Predatory Blade is on isle of siptah? Can’t seem to find any info on it.

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Not to my knowledge. It’s a boss drop in the Unnamed City. Honestly, it’s not too great. High damage in terms of raw number, but only able to do light attacks with it. There’s many better weapons available in Siptah

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There is a brute like three skull at Luxor but if you could ask a transfer player for one when they head back to EL

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I’ve never seen it on Siptah, but as has been mentioned, you can do better on that island.

I’ll try to poke one of my friends with the game on PC and see if they can dig it out of any loot tables.

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Add a blunted reinforcement to it, and u get a mix of weapon/truncheon… light attacks for dmg, heavy for ko opponents… Can be used from horseback also… :wink:


No, it can only be gotten by killing off one of the bosses in the unnamed city.
But you can get the final breath of the red mother, the reach of the red mother, and the dragonscale helm by killing of the red mother that’s on Siptah.

There is a boss in a city in the north east of the map it has a headless man called The Judge and he has a lot of EL boss mob drops I’m not sure if he drops the Predatory Blade but this is a video from Firespark81 with a " full list of his loot " [ in quote’s because i haven’t watched or confirmed this ] i hope this helps. How To Farm The Judge Easy Conan Exiles Isle Of Siptah - YouTube

That’s a great idea, never thought of that. The problem is that it reduces the durability by a lot though. I suppose if you’ve got the resources and crafter to make Legendary Weapon Repair Kits or have the Nemedian helmet, it makes sense. When I had it, I dropped the Master Weapon Fitting on it and it was pretty good with really high damage and acceptable armor penetration.

Sure, you could, but it makes for both a mediocre weapon and a terrible truncheon.

Sacrificing a damage or penetration boost for concussive damage lower than a basic truncheon is a pretty poor trade-off.

I remember when I was playing full encumbrance with the old system, that you had to wear all your gear when you retrieve your things, predatory was very important for me, especially in the jhil caves. Loosing your stamina, from pve to pvp is great risk. So predatory was helping a lot to this point. Children of jhil had a “weakness” against this blade. I accidentally find it out from a pvp teammate, he joined me to these caves, without a thrall, just with this blade and he had no problem cleaning the bats , except the bosses ofcurce. So I pulled out the one I have farmed and I try it.
It was awesome, I was loosing almost no stamina, with just one perk in strength, but the bats were down easy.
So after this day, predatory was a weapon I must had when I was going out for farm.
Especially the combination of shield and sword, with the “broken” light combo was making even 3h bosses possible to solo. No wander why they changed the stamina on shields :wink:.

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