Need Help With a Mace of Thag & Truncheon Question

Is it possible to get the Mace of Thag on the Isle of Siptah?

If it is so how do I get it without going into the admin panel and spawning it.

I want to add a advanced blunted weapon fitting to it and turn it into a primitive looking truncheon.

If it is not possible does anyone know of any really good clubs, or maces on the isle of siptah that looks primitive like they were made of bone, stone, wood and not like they were made of metal that I can use to turn into a truncheon. Also doesn’t have bleed or poison effect on it.

I’ve never seen the Mace of Thag in game but going off the pic on the wiki the Ghoulish Club looks identical. Was also one of my favorite thrall weapons since it poisons

The Mace of Thag is in the wine cellar in sepermeru on the exile lands.

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The Judge occasionally drops an excellent truncheon! This truncheon kills all level I, II, and III humans but will just knock out any named Level IV guys.

It looks like a regular steel truncheon though.

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Yeah I know of that one and it also would not work with the fact that I also go after T3 Accursed Bearer Thralls.

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I understand that. On one of my Siptah servers my entire army was T3 - until a friend came on who knew how to work those Surge shrines. Then he replaced all 75 of my T3 dudes with T4 ones in about a week. :astonished:

Go to J - 5 It’s a unmarked location and named Accursed Fighters, Archers, Crafters, Taskmasters and Berserker npcs spawn there all the time. It’s where I farm my thralls and next to it at H - 6 is were I get my T3 Accursed Bearer Thralls. It’s also a unmarked location.

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Cool! Yeah I go there a lot. The friend who gave me all those thralls is located near there on J5:

I got almost all 75 of my T3 thralls from a little 3-man camp right where that dice icon is:

Where the dice icon is, is close to where I get my pet Tor. He is the only pet that is half wolf and half dog. I always change his name to Nightfang

  • Tor’s perks are set and will always be the same:
    • Level 10 - Wolf-kin (+10 Strength) (+5 Survival) (+5 Vitality)
      Thor has wolf-blood running through his veins - and it shows. His fangs are abnormally long and his blood-lust is also a hint of his lineage.
    • Level 15 - Claws of Steel (+15 Strength)
      Equipping Thor with steel-reinforced claws might have been a good idea after all.
    • Level 20 - Apex Predator (+5 Vitality) (+5 Strength) (+5 Agility)
      Thor gains increased melee damage, health and armor.

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I have them all on one server I play on. But yeah, only Tor has the best guaranteed perks - I think.

yeah I think so. Do you know of any places where I can get abysmal fangs to make arrows on siptah?

Don’t they drop from flesh maggots? So probably that boss at the fractured citadel?? Others may know more. There’s a flesh maggot boss that spawns somewhere somehow in the maelstrom too.

Ah ok.

In EL, this Item is found by killing the Abysmal Remnant at the end of the dungeon The Dregs.

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