Grave of leviathan thrall prisoner won't use melee weapon

Hi all.
1st time post here so hopefully someone can help. Just started Isle of siptah and went to grave of leviathan camp (am low level but managed to kite the enemies to a handy thrall nearby). I found a key, opened a cage and have so far gotten 2 bearers buuuuuut neither of them will use their weapon when attacked…they rely solely on fists! They have an axe and an iron mace but I cannot get them to fight. Usually bearers will use weapons I think!
Anyone have any ideas?

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Drag the weapon to their Main Hand slot.

They will equip it, then sheath it. They should use it after that.

If what Taemien suggests does not work, or works sporadically, try equipping them with spears. My bearers are the most finicky when it comes to what weapons they will use.

O didntry the dragging weapon to main hand and it didn’t work. Weirdly, one bearer did use it once and never since. They also both have 2 weird sacks in their inventory which I can move but aren’t in game objects.

I’ll try the spears tho.

Thanks for replying both of you

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Welcome to the Forum. We got a bearer from a cage yesterday in my wife’s coop game it has 3 sacks in his inventory have not checked to generally the sacks are the NPC,S attacks I normally see this in spawned in npc are you playing offline or coop? They may be broken.

At one time you load up a thrall force weapons in there hand doesn’t work anymore. Let us know what you are playing on. Good luck my friend.

Hi there
Am on PS4 and keep forcing the bearers to use weapon which now works sporadically. Always funny to watch a bearer who’s just axed a boar to death then go on to try to punch a croc!:joy:

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This weekend will have to experiment with bearers t3 used to be good fighters.

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Quick question: are there obelisks on siptah to use with maprooms for fast travel?
Haven’t seen any bit currently focussed on setting up base along the river

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Yeah, I’ve always liked t3 bearers :slight_smile: They may hit like a wet noodle, but they can probably survive a direct nuke :laughing:

Not currently. There has been mention from the devs (I think in a live stream) that they were considering adding some form of fast travel to Siptah (they mentioned ‘something like the Waystones’ mod - which allows players to craft and place something a bit like their own obelisk network). I’ve no idea what final form it might take, or if it’s still planned.

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You, my friend, are a font of all knowledge. Respect to you for answering my questions. I really appreciate it :+1:


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